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BlackBerry Torch 9800
Nokia N8
BlackBerryCurve 8520
Apple iPhone 16GB
HTC Wildfire Brown
Samsung Tocco Lite
HTC Desire
BlackBerry Curve 9300
Samsung Galaxy S

Sony Ericsson K770 Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones

The Sony Ericsson K770i is a stylish 3G camera phone. The handset is a “candy bar” type with an easy to use keypad and a good sized screen with a 262,000 colour display and 240 x 320 pixel resolution. The phone is available in three colours, sandy beige, truffle brown and ultra violet. The compact handset measures just 105mm x 47mm x 14.5mm and weighs only 95 grams. With 16Mb of internal memory extendible up to 2Gb using Micro M2 memory stick, there is plenty of space for storage of files. The K770i is from the Sony Cyber-shot family and shares DNA with phones such as the Sony Ericsson K810i, Sony Ericsson K550i and the Sony Ericsson K850i. Battery life is slightly below average for the class with 2.5 hours talktime and 400 hours standby.

With an easy to view camera interface the Sony Ericsson K770i uses illuminated camera icons which can be selected quickly and easily. The 3.2 megapixel Cyber-shot camera is a good performer and comes with an integrated lens cover/protector. With useful standard camera features such as photo light, auto focus, photo fix and 3x digital zoom, even the clumsiest photographer can take snaps to be proud of! Photographs can be easily shared using the integrated photo blogging feature. A printer cable is included in the K770 retail bundle allowing direct printing of photos to printer.

The Sony Ericsson K770 phone has good video capabilities for viewing, recording and streaming video and can even be used for 3G video calling with others who have video calling enabled on their phones.

The K770 has Sony Ericsson’s excellent Access NetFront Web browser, possibly the best mobile browser on the market, which means accessing the internet is simple and “PC like”. With Bluetooth wireless technology and USB port, connecting to other devices to share data is fully supported with high data transfer speeds. A quad band phone the K770 can be used worldwide and will automatically roam and find best available networks.

The built in media player and integrated FM radio(with RDS) allow users to enjoy music wherever they may be (even wirelessly using Bluetooth with A2DP technology!) The K770i comes with all the great Sony Ericsson music features like TrackID (music identification feature) and PlayNow (music download feature). With MP3, AAC and polyphonic ringtones, along with embedded Java/3D games and a full range of applications and utilities such as timer, stop watch, alarm clock, calendar and calculator. The K770 is certainly not short on features.

3.2 Megapixel Cyber-shot Camera
3G Video Calling supported
Bluetooth with A2DP technology
400 Hours Standby
FM Radio RDS
TrackID Music Recognition
PlayNow music download feature
Access NetFront Web browser

Only 2.5 hours calltime from full battery charge
No Wi-Fi

Our Summary
The K770i is a great camera phone with a 3.2 megapixel cyber-shot camera with video recording and playback capabilities. A fully featured music player and cool, stylish looks make the K770 a popular and sensible choice.

Sony Ericsson C902 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones

The C902i Cybershot is the latest 3G mobile phone from Sony Ericsson in their “C” range. Other notable phones in this range include Sony Ericsson C702i and the Sony Ericsson C905. The main feature of the C902i is the amazing 5 megapixel camera which is one of the best cameras in this class. The C902i is a block or “candy bar” phone with dimensions of 108mm x 49mm x 11mm and weights just 107g. The 2 inch TFT QVGA display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution and up to 262,000 colours is great for viewing your photographs or videos. Battery life is good with up to 8hours talktime and 400 hours on standby.

When you slide open the lens cover on the C902 the 5 mega-pixel camera is activated automatically. There are touch keys on the screen which allow you to easily adjust all camera settings. With Face detection the C902 will automatically focus on the face in the picture to ensure perfect focus as apparently 70% of photos taken with mobile phones have a face as the main subject.

Compare Sony Ericsson C902 Deals

Poor light is no obstacle when using the C902i camera as the flash will automatically fire in poor light conditions (the flash is also used for video recording in poor light conditions) The C902 camera also has 16x digital zoom, red eye reduction, image stabilizer, Photo Fix feature (automatically adjusts the light, brightness and contrast to ensure best possible photo in prevailing conditions). The Sony Ericsson C902 has an accelerometer function so you can view photos in portrait or landscape mode, simple by rotating the phone. The C902 supports video streaming and calling due to the built in 3G technology.

There are 160 megabytes of internal memory storage in the C902 and memory can be extended using the Memory Stick Micro M2 up to 8GB (8gb can hold 2000 songs, or 5000 photographs or 5 hours of video!)

The Sony Ericsson C902 has a built-in FM radio with full RDS support and music can be played over a wireless network to your headset using the Bluetooth function and the included media player comes with useful music features from Sony Ericsson including MegaBass, TrackID and PlayNow.

The C902 offers full internet browsing via the amazing NetFront web browser which can also display web RSS feeds.

3G HSDPA Technology
2 Inch QVGA Colour Screen
5 Megapixel Cyber-Shot Camera
FM Radio RDS
160Mb internal memory
Camera touch keys on screen

No Wi-Fi

Our Summary
The C902 is a Sony Ericsson 3G Cyber-Shot mobile phone which comes with a 5 megapixel Cyber-Shot camera, FM radio with RDS and great built in music player for high quality multi-media entertainment. Another winner from the Sony Ericsson “C” range.

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Xperia x1 mobile phone review from Sony Ericsson

Category : Mobile Phones

The XPERIA X1 from Sony Ericsson is a futuristic looking 3G Smart phone running the Windows mobile operating system with a huge 3 inch TFT screen and displaying up to 65K colours with an amazing 800 x 480 pixel screen resolution. The XPERIA X1 comes in a choice of two colours, solid black and steel silver. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 has a real substantial feel, partly down to its 145g weight but also due to sturdy construction. Despite the weight, the dimensions of 110mm x 53mm x 17mm makes it user friendly and easy to fit into pockets. The main competitors are other smart phone mobiles like the Nokia E90 Communicator and the Apple iPhone. Taking into account the extensive features, battery life of up to 6.5 hours of talk time and up to 833 hours of standby are impressive.

The XPERIA X1 has a full QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath the 3 inch TFT screen and there are three additional navigation options which include; touch-screen controls, optical joystick controls and a 4-way control key.

The XPERIA X1 is a 3G HSDPA Smartphone and as you would expect provides a full range of high speed internet access and data transfer technologies including WLAN Wi-Fi, EDGE and HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access up to 5.7 mega-bytes per second). Being Quad band the XPERIA X1 allows the user to access world wide roaming and international connectivity. It’s also easy to connect to local devices with Bluetooth wireless and USB cable in addition to Wi-Fi. There is a built-in GPS navigation system included.

The built-in music player on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is superb, featuring support for all popular music formats and with Bluetooth Stereo with A2DP capability ( allowing wireless bluetooth headphones). FM stereo radio with RDS is also included making the Xperia X1 a complete mobile music system. The XPERIA X1 has a substantial 400Mb of internal memory on-board and more can be added via MicroSD memory card.

The built-in 3.2 mega-pixel camera is useful and has an array of features and functions such as 3x digital zoom, auto-focus and photo light facility. The XPERIA X1 also functions as a video camera and playback on the huge 3 inch screen is awesome.

All the usual messaging services are present and correct with SMS (including SMS long), MMS and email with attachments and predictive text function. Embedded Java and 3D games are included so the XPERIA X1 provides ample entertainment whilst on the move.

nternet Explorer Mobile browser
RSS Feed reader
full QWERTY keyboard
Embedded Java and 3D games
FM stereo radio with RDS
Quad band
Bluetooth Stereo A2DP
SMS Long
3G video calling
aGPS Navigation
Handwriting Recognition


The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is a great looking mobile phone with more features and functions than most of us would ever need. As a business tool, communicator and mobile media player the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 excels in all departments – a fantastic phone.

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Samsung S3030 Tobi – Mobile Phone for Children

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The Samsung S3030 Tobi is a compact and trendy phone obviously targeted at the teen or even pre-teen markets with low costs and built in safety features. The Samsung Tobi is a “candy bar” type phone available in sweet pink, oasis blue, loyal blue, bright orange, apple green, and snow silver. The Tobi has a 1.9 inch TFT screen displaying up to 65k colours with a screen resolution of 144 pixels x 176 pixels, weighs just 85g and with dimensions of 94.7mm x 45.4mm x 17.5mm is compact and easy for kids to handle. Tyhe Tobi has a transparent back cover which allows users to insert their favourite photos to personalise the phone.

The Tobi mobile phone comes with a built-in music player to provide mobile entertainment, supporting all main music file formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC. There is a 15Mb music storage feature to hold all your favourite tunes as well as Polyphonic and mp3 ring-tones and with MicroSD memory card slot this can be upgraded to 8 gigabytes. This should be more than enough space for users pictures, music and downloads.

The Tobi has a built-in 1.3 mega-pixel camera which allows users to take and manage photographs and in addition will allow them to record video footage in MPEG4 video format. The performance of these features can best be described as basic. However, bear in mind this was never designed to be a high-spec, top of the range phone, it’s a phone for kids with all the basic features they need. The Tobi has a decent selection of games pre-loaded onto the phone and more can be accessed and downloaded from the SAMSUNG Fun Club site. Internet browsing is supported with WAP 2.0 and XHTML technologies and the Tobi is tri-band so can be used throughout Europe when on holiday. Connectivity to other devices is via Bluetooth or USB. Another useful feature, especially for a younger audience, is no cost Bluetooth messaging. This allows users to mesage friends via Bluetooth to keep costs down.

Perhaps the best features – from the parents point of view – are the SOS facilities. The Tobi allows user to preconfigure SOS messages and calls. By pressing the SOS hot key a predetermined distress call is activated and by pressing the volume key 4 times quickly an SOS text message is delivered to up to 4 emergency contacts. Additionally there is a fake call feature which can be used in uncomfortable situations so children can pretend they have to go and answer a call.

fake call feature
SOS messages
SOS calls
15Mb music storage
Tranpsparent rear cover

Camera and video recorder offer very basic performance
No Wi-Fi
Only tri-band (most new phones are Quad-band)

The Samsung S3030 Tobi mobile is a cool phone with some great features for kids. Technologies are not exactly cutting edge but for young consumers offers access to internet services, music, camera and tri-band GPRS calls. Factor in low price and the excellent safety features and this becomes an appealling handset for children.

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Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The 5800 XpressMusic (also known as the Tube smartphone) is the latest entry from Nokia into the expanding touch screen mobile phone market. This is obviously an attempt by Nokia to compete against the mighty iPhone, so how does it stack up? Well, although a latecomer in this field, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is packed with some pretty impressive features.

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Screen -The touch screen supports stylus, plectrum and finger inputs for text along with a QWERTY keyboard and handwriting recognition software.

Music – One touch can get you into 35 hours of music, browsable by artist, album, play lists and genre. With innovative surround sound speakers with built in graphic equaliser. The standard 8Gb microSD card can be upgraded to 16Gb for extended music libraries (up to 6000 songs). An FM radio is also included.

Camera and Video – A standard 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, LED flash and 3x digital zoom. The 3.2″ widescreen featuring nHD resolution of 640×360 pixels and 16 million colours makes the watching and recording of video a fabulous experience. 30 frames-per-second playback and recording should mean smooth, almost DVD quality video. Using the image editing suite you can crop, rotate and touch up images and even add your favourite soundtrack in seconds. A host of video formats are supported including WMV.

Internet – high speed browsing and downloading are possible using an advanced browser with Flash support using 3.5G HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) and Wireless LAN connections.

Compare Nokia 5800 Deals

One of the best features of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is the Nokia “Media bar”. Unlike other feature packed mobiles, the 5800 XpressMusic functions are easy to access from this innovative drop down menu. On the downside the screen is smaller than the iPhone and not quite as sexy. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic does have an ace up it’s sleeve however, with Flash 9 support you can access much more web multimedia content than the Flashless iPhone.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic bundle comes complete with: Stereo Headset with Remote Control, 8GB microSD Card, Stylus, Stand, USB Cable, TV Cable, Charger, Manual and CD.

Huge feature set
Comprehensive retail bundle
Affordable retail price
Ergonomic handset – easy to use one handed
Long battery life – 406 hours of standby and 8 hours 45 minutes of talk time

Limited availability of third party software at present
Sensitivity of touch screen can take some getting used to
No smart dialling
Image quality not up to class leaders
Unable to charge from microUSB

To sum it up, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a worthy contender to the iPhone, it certainly incorporates more features. However the screen can still be a little jittery when navigating web pages, this latest 5th generation of the Nokia S60 software is certainly an improvement, but hasn’t quite got that iPhone smoothness.

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Sony Ericsson W980i Mobile Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Sony Ericsson

The W980i from Sony Ericsson is the latest addition to the Walkman range (the rest of the range is made up with the (W595, W902, W660, W580, W302, W850i, W960, W890, W350, W810i and W890). In subtle but stylish piano black the W980i is a real good looker. Battery life is good for a phone with such a huge feature set and will give 9 hours of talk time and up to 370 hours on stand by.

Compare Sony Ericsson W980i Deals

As you would expect from a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone the music player and functions are superb, it looks like Sony is really trying to give the Apple iPhone some serious competition with the Walkman range. The digital music player allows easy management of all your music and the sould quality is just awesome. The W980i supports all the normal music files and has easy to master equalizer and shuffle functions. Creation of playlists is simple and if you ever run out of music there is always the built in FM radio with RDS. TrackID will even help you to identify songs by recording a sample then querying the Gracenote Mobile MusicID database to provide you with song title, artist and album. This function is so cool when out in bars or clubs and you hear a track you like.

The Sony Ericsson W980i has an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera with 3.2x digital zoom and photo fix function. Photo fix is the almost idiot-proof system from Sony Ericsson where all the camera parameters are automatically optimised providing the best possible photo in the circumstances. Video recording is also supported and video clips are easy to share and upload using the picture blogging feature. The W980i has an accelerometer which enables the smart auto rotate feature (like Apple iPhone) adjusting view mode between landscape and portrait simply by rotating the phone.

In terms of entertainment the W980i has 3D and java games installed (more can be downloaded) and web access is superb using the Sony Ericsson Access NetFront web browser (one of the best mobile Internet browsers available ) which also displays RSS and web news feeds. The W980i is quad band phone meaning it supports all four GSM networks and can be used all over the world. 3G HSDPA high-speed internet is included on the W980 giving data transfer rates up to 3.6 Mbits per second which allows seamless video calling and video streaming.

Speaker phone feature
Access NetFront internet browser
TrackID music identification feature
9 hours of talktime
Walkman Music Player
FM Radio with RDS support
Quad Band Technology

No Wi-Fi

Another great Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson with cool looks, great features and of course one of the best music players in the market. A great phone for anyone onto their music who requires a feature packed handset.

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Sony Ericsson W595 Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Sony Ericsson

The W595 is another 3G music phone from Sony Ericsson and is part of the Sony Ericsson Music Phones collection. A slide opening music phone the W595 is available in four colour schemes, active blue with turquoise, jungle grey with turquoise, cosmopolitan white with a hint of red and ruby black with red. The 104 grams handset measures 14mm x 100mm x 47mm when closed. The QVGA screen can be viewed in either slide closed or slide open positions. The W595 has a smooth opening system which is easy to operate with one hand. – Compare Sony Ericsson W595 Deals

Like other phones in the “Music Phones collection” stable, the main feature on this 3G phone is the Walkman music player allowing users to listen to their favourite music with high quality sound reproduction and easy to use music features. The W595 can be used in loudspeaker mode and placed on it’s side on a desk or table where it becomes a decent portable music system.

Compare Sony Ericsson W595 Deals

The Sony Ericsson W595 has the same music features as the rest of the Walkman collection (W910, W902, W660, W580, W302, W960, W890, W350, W760 and W890 ) such as shake control feature, wireless listening with Bluetooth stereo A2DP,  TrackID music recognition system, FM/AM radio feature complete with RDS, SensMe (feature allowing the creation of music play lists organised by type, style and mood), Mega Bass and PlayNow ( offering fast and simple music downloads).

The W595 ships with some preloaded games and the user can download more games to suit their interests as the phone supports both 3D and embedded Java games. If you are into fitness or losing weight the W595 has a unique feature called “Walk Mate”, a step counter to record number of steps taken over a given period! Access to the world wide web is well catered for via the NetFront internet browser and communicating with others is easy with the W595′s comprehensive call features and contact management software. All the usual messaging formats are supported and the integrated 3.2 megapixel camera allows still photo capture and video recording. The W595 supports photo and video blogging which make sharing pictures and information with friends a cinch.

The W595 phone is a quad band handset which covers all 4 GSM networks and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). The W595 has 40Mb of built in memory storage which can be expanded via the memory card slot which accepts Micro M2 type memory cards.

The W595 makes use of all the latest high speed technologies such as EDGE and 3G HSDPA so users can enjoy multitasking applications and fast mobile broadband. Connectivity with other compatible devices is provided with Bluetooth wireless or the USB slot.

Walkman® Music Player
FM/AM Radio with RDS
TrackID Music Recognition
Mega Bass
Shake Control
3.2 Megapixel Camera
Video Blogging

No Wi-Fi

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Sony Ericsson C905 Mobile Phone review

Category : Mobile Phones, Sony Ericsson

The Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber shot was the award winning mobile phone of 2008 in terms of photography due to it’s incredible 8.1 mega-pixel camera feature. The C905 handset is available in a choice of three colours, Night Black, Ice Silver and Copper Gold. The camera is the USP of the C905 with marvellous photography features enabling even the most inexperienced user the ability to take stunning photographs. The C905 is part of the “C” range from Sony Ericsson, featuring related handsets such as the Sony Ericsson C702i and the Sony Ericsson C902i. The handset features a 2.4 inch QVGA TFT screen displaying up to 262,000 colours with 240 x 320 pixel resolution giving a crisp and colourful viewing experience. A slide design handset, the C905 weighs in at 136 grams and feels sturdy and well made. A single full charge gives up to 9 hours of talk time and up to 380 hours of standby.

Compare Sony Ericsson C905 Deals

The Cyber-shot technology of the C905 allows photos with a quality as good as any digital camera.
packed with easy to use (mostly automatic) features such as  auto-focus, 16x digital zoom, anti-blur
technology , Xenon flash, red-eye reduction and photo-fix. The video recording capabilities allow
recording of moving video footage again with an excellent array of features including, video light,
video stabilizing, video calling, video streaming and video play back.

A built-in media player which supports all popular music formats with an FM stereo with RDS allows users to listen to their favourite radio stations on the move. With Bluetooth stereo A2DP a choice of wireless stereo headphones can be used for the ultimate in music entertainment. The C905 has a reasonable 160Mb of internal memory with extra storage provided by means of a Memory stick Micro M2 card.

The C905 uses 3G HSDPA technology to offer high speed internet connectivity and 3G video calling. The NetFront internet browser provides a seamless mobile internet experience and high speed data transfer rates are assured with EDGE technology when transferring files. Connecting to other devices is simple  with the Bluetooth wireless connectivity or USB cable. The C905 is a Quad-band handset with world wide roaming facilities and built in GPS navigation system with Google maps. Other features are too many to mention but include full range of messaging services, embedded Java and 3D games and useful applications such as timer, Tasks, alarm clock, notes and a calendar.

8 Megapixel camera with decent flash
Brillaint web browser
Great music/media player
EDGE technology
160Mb of internal memory
GPS navigation system

Photos taken in bright sunshine are not always brilliant
No Wi-Fi

The Sony Ericsson C905 is one of the best mobiles to hit the UK market to date. The 8.1 mega-pixel is fantastic, the music player is fantastic and all the internet technologies are fantastic. This mobile phone really is ….fantastic!!!

Compare Sony Ericsson C905 Deals

Samsung Pixon Silver Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The new Samsung M8800 Pixon Silver is all set to raise the stakes in the already competitive smartphone market. With an amazing 8 Megapixel camera, touch sensitive 3.2″ widescreen display, WVGA (Wide VGA 740 x 480 pixels) video recording, GPS receiver and Quad band reception, the Pixon could well be the new “must have” phone.

Of course, there is more to a good camera than just the sheer number of pixels, so does the Pixon deliver? Oh yes! The pictures are amazing, superb quality even when zooming in/enlarging. This is one top quality camera, in fact, this may be the best phone camera available today. The video recording capabilities are also class leading, with widescreen VGA recording (740×480 pixels) at 30 frames per second and a TV-Out cable, you can record and play at near DVD quality and enjoy on your widescreen HD TV. Almost all types of video file are supported including MP4s, WMV, H.263, H.264, DivX and XviD.

The Pixon Silver includes a GPS receiver for navigation and geo-tagging of photographs, plus an FM radio with RDS capability. The internal memory capacity of 200Mb can be extended using microSD memory card slot to 16Gb.

The Pixon is a Quad Band mobile phone, meaning you can stay in touch from all over the world. Internet browsing is fast using HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) and the user experience is great with that 3.2 inch, 16 million pixel, colour display.

A notable feature is the use of widgets to customise your home screen. These are little applets you can drag onto main screen from sidebar menu. Using these widgets you can have FM radio access, set up alarm clock, have you favourite contacts or music tracks or even the weather on the home screen in seconds. There is a wide range of widgets to suit everyone. A really neat feature.

Amazing 8 mega pixel camera
Simple to use photo software
Stunning menus and graphics to rival iPhone
Cool homescreen widgets tool
HSDPA web browsing (7.2 Mbps)
Built-in handsfree
200 MB internal memory (expandable with microSD to 16Gb)
Videocall enaabled with secondary video camera
Built-in GPS including photo geo-tagging
FM Radio
full HD TV capabilities
Slimmer than Nokia N96, Sony C905 or
Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate of screen
Virtual QWERTY keyboard
Application multitasking

No Wi-Fi
Heavy on power consumption with only 3 hours talk time froma full charge
No smart dialing

The Samsung M8800 Pixon Silver is definitely a class act.But if there’s one thing missing from the Pixon Silver arsenal with all its incredible features, it has to be the absence of any Wi-Fi connectivity. Perhaps Samsung were worried about competing with it’s own brands such as the Samsung Omnia?

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Samsung F480 Tocco Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The new Samsung F480 Tocco seems to be yet another mobile phone inspired by the all conquering Apple iPhone! Clearly, Samsung have made style a priority with this mobile as they – probably rightly – believe the style and looks of the iPhone are a major attraction to mobile phone consumers, more important than the features and capabilities for some. The word “Tocco” is Italian for “Touch” so perhaps there is more than a little Italian design flair going on.

The Samsung F480 Tocco is one of the most compact handsets around, measuring an astonishing 95.9 x 55 x 11.5mm and with the same credit card shape as the outgoing Samsung Armani model. The metallic inserts on the covers give this mobile an expensive, quality feel and the Tocco is a pleasant phone to hold.

The 2.8″ 262K colours, LCD touchscreen (240 pixels x 320 pixels) interface dominates the front of the Tocco, leaving room for just 3 keys beneath it (call, call end and confirmation keys ). This LCD has (according to Samsung) a “TouchWiz User Interface” – essentially users can customise menus and screens by dragging and dropping items from a “dock” in much the same way as the iPhone.

Browsing and downloading is fast thanks to HSDPA support at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and the screen is user friendly and clear for displaying web pages, with integrated support for Google Search and Gmail making email and surfing a breeze.

A 5 Megapixel camera is a useful feature on the Samsung F480 Tocco and the pictures look stunning on the wide screen. Video recording is provided using MPEG4/3GPP formats and there is also an additional front facing camera for making video calls to other 3G users. With 232Mb of internal memory the Tocco is good to go right out of the box, however, you can upgrade using an 8Gb microSD card if you need a lot of storage.

The music player is top notch with MP3, AMR-NB, I-Melody, SMAF, XMF, MIDI, SP MIDI, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+ and WMA music files supported and all the usual functionality in terms of storing, sorting and organising tracks, along with shuffle, repeat and rating options. The Tocco also gives you the ability to fast forward tracks or skip to the next track simply by dragging your thumb across the screen.

Talk time is rather low compared to rivals with just 3 hours from a full charge, however standby time of 250 hours is reasonable.

5 Megapixel camera
Compact size
Support for Google Search and Gmail
Stylish looks
Good sized screen
Fantastic touch screen software
3.5mm headphone jack
Applications included (Calendar, To do list, Clock, World time, Alarm, Currency converter, Calculator,
Memo book, Stop watch and Count down timer )

No Wi-Fi
No predictive text
Screen prone to fingerprint smudges
No accelerometer (so no automatic switching to wide screen mode by turning phone around)
No TV-Output

An outstanding phone, the looks alone will be reason enough for many to purchase and who can blame them – it’s gorgeous!

Compare Samsung Tocco Deals

Nokia 6600 Slide Black Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The Nokia 6600 Slide Black is a compact phone just 14mm thick and weighing in at 110grams. The slider has a smooth action and can be operated with one hand. The steel and aluminium construction give the 6600 Slide Black a high quality feel, unlike many competitors which can sometimes feel cheap and “plasticky”. Despite the small size, the 6600 Slide Black features a 2.2 inch QVGA screen with over 16 million colours ensuring clear and bright graphics. Battery life is about average for the class with 3-4 hours of talk time and up to 240 hours on standby.

The Nokia 6600 Slide Black model features a music player with FM radio which supports MP3, MP4, AAC & eAAC+ and MicroSoft-Windows Media Audio (WMA) and has a graphic equaliser with 5 pre-sets. There is 20Mb of on board memory and the 6600 Slide Black bundle includes a useful 512Mb microSD card for extra storage (can be expanded to 4Gb), along with data cable, and a set of stereo headphones with detachable remote. Email is fully supported using Nokia email client which can creating, send, edit and and receive Multimedia messages, both images and video. A 3.2 megapixel camera with 8x zoom and a double LED flash is included along with VGA/QVGA video recording (15 fps – 30 fps) which gives good quality recording.

Featuring an Opera Mini 4 XHTML browser, which supports Java and Flash, browsing the world wide web is a joy. Using font size customization up to 11 lines of text can be read on screen. Connectivity is good with Bluetooth® and MicroUSB options for connections to PC, laptop or printer. However lack of Wi-Fi is a pain.

Sound quality on calls is loud and clear on both ends due to the Nokia background noise cancellation feature known as “Voice Clarity”.

Instant messaging support for AOL, Yahoo and MSN
New tap technology from Nokia which allows the user to mute/reject calls or silence the alarm simply by tapping the outer case of the phone
Flash support
Stereo FM radio with RDS
Nokia Maps
Screen viewable from wide angles and very clear
Video calling
voice recorder with a 60-minute limit

No Wi-Fi LAN connectivity
Camera not great
Memory card located under battery
Screen easily scratched if phone placed face down
Glossy finish shows up fingerprints smudges

The Nokia 6600 Slide Black has some fantastic features, however even this 5th edition of the S40 operating system lacks multi-tasking support. For instance you cannot minimise an application and launch another, only one application can be run at a time. Add in the lack of Wi-Fi and this stops the 6600 Slide Black taking class honours, still a cracking mobile phone however!

Samsung I900 Omnia Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

There is no doubt that the Samsung i900 Omnia has been designed as a potential iPhone killer. The
features and specification are almost identical and it even looks very similar. The Omnia is a touch
screen slide phone packed with latest technologies. With fabulous multi-media capabilities and a 3.2
inch WQVGA TFT LCD screen with 65k colours and 240 x 400 pixel resolution. The amount of technology that has been packed into this slim and sleek design at only 112mm x 56.9mm x 12.5mm and weighing just 125g is incredible. Additionally you can expect up to 6.5 hours talk time and up to a whopping 450 hours of standby on one full charge!

The Omnia features a 5 mega-pixel camera featuring 4x digital zoom, image stabilising, LED flash, auto-focus and shot modes. Recording of video footage is a straightforward affair with the i900 Omnia with recording in MP4 and 3GPP formats and play back of MPEG4, WMV, Xvid, Dvix, H.263 & H.264 formats. The Samsung i900 Omnia is also video call enabled allowing true video conversations with other 3G users.

In terms of entertainment the Omnia mobile phone has a fantastic music system, playing MP3, AMR, AAC, WMA, OGG, and AAC+ music files with a built-in FM stereo radio with RDS and a handy voice recording feature. The Omnia comes with 40 pre-installed tones and supports both MP3 and polyphonic ring-tones. A great feature of the i900 Omnia is the podcasting facility. this allows you to download your favourite radio and internet shows via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) so you can listen to them when convenient and with a huge 8gb of internal memory you should be able to download as many as you like!

As you would expect, the Omnia offers an excellent web browsing experience utilising XHTML, HTML, RSS and WAP 2.0 technologies. With netwrork services such as 3G, HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, GPRS and EDGE, downloading and browsing is fast and reliable. You can connect to other devices using the Bluetooth or USB technologies which are supported. A Quad-band network phone, the Samsung i900 Omnia can be used throughout Europe and America, allowing you to stay in touch with friends, family or the office wherever you may be.

In addition to the email capabilities using POP3/SMTP/IMAP4 services, the i900 Omnia mobile phone comes with the full range of messaging services with SMS, MMS, instant messaging, cell broadcast and push-to-talk. For ease of texting the Omnia also features predictive text input.

5-megapixel camera
3.2-inch touchscreen
Desktop widgets
DivX/XviD support
A-GPS with Google Maps
8gb of internal memory
Looks futuristic and modern
Opera browser

Uses Windows mobile operating system
Need to use stylus for touch screen

The Samsung i900 Omnia mobile is a fantastic phone with more features than many of us will ever need! A class leader with very few weak points, If Samsung could have offered their own OS with touch screen capability and with multi-tasking, instead of the (relatively) slow Windows mobile system, this phone could have been the one to beat. As it stands, this mobile is still one of the best smartphones around.

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Sony Ericsson T303 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Sony Ericsson

The T303 from Sony Ericsson is a cool looking slide phone available in two colours, metallic silver and shadow black. With an easy to use camera and great audio features the T303 is an elegant looking handset and easy to use phone thanks to the great square multi-function navigation tool. Up to 9 hours talk time is possible from one single battery charge with up to 400 hours on stand by.

The T303i comes with 8Mb of internal memory for storing contact information, ring tones, messages and photographs. Just 15mm in depth with a weight of 93 grams the T303 mobile phone feels comfortable in your hand. Accessing the wide range of features on the T303 is quick and easy from the main menu.

A 1.8 inch TFT colour display screen with mirror glass display is an eye-grabbing feature and with
display resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and up to 65,000 colours the screen is a joy to use and operates with the phone slide either open or closed. The built in camera has 1.3 mega-pixels resolution and features a 4x digital zoom function and simple to operate controls.

The T303 media player has built in FM radio with RDS service and plays all popular music formats and also MP3, AAC and polyphonic ring tones. With connectivity to other devices via Bluetooth or USB slot, sharing music files is quick and straightforward. With the brilliant TrackID function you can record a song in a bar or from radio/TV and find out the name of the song, the artist and even the album – how often have you heard a song you like but have been unable to identify it!

A built in WAP Internet browser service means accessing the world wide web is a great internet experience. With Quad-band GSM band reception and international roaming staying in touch with work colleagues, friends or family is easy wherever you happen to be. Sharing text, pictures and sound is easy too with MMS (Mulit media Messaging). Long SMS is another useful messaging feature which is supported, if you inadvertently create a text message with too many characters, the long SMS technology will automatically convert the text into multiple messages.

A protective case (part number IDC-22) is available as part of the Sony Ericsson “Design Collection” which not only protects the phone but has handy pockets for credit cards and keys.

Predictive Text Input
Sound Recorder
FM Radio with RDS function
Quad Band
Long SMS

No Wi-Fi

The T303 has all the main features desired by consumers and makes a decent middle of the range mobile phone without any major drawbacks. A good choice for those who don’t need the very latest features or ground breaking technology, simply a good all rounder.

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Nokia 6220 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The Nokia 6220 purple is an Symbian smartphone featuring a 5 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss lens, GPS satellite navigation, FM radio, HSDPA/HSUPA and quad band reception. Despite all these features, in classic Nokia fashion, it’s also simple to use. The colour might not be to all tastes, but according to Nokia, purple is the new pink!

With the A-GPS function geo-tagging your photographs, not only do they show date and time, they also show exact geographical location. The new Nokia Maps 2.0 application, helps you to find the best routes to your destination or can list local points of interest such as hotels, petrol stations etc.

The camera features on the 6220 purple are good, but perhaps not as good as you may expect bearing in mind this is a 5 Mega-pixel device. Picture quality is good and video can be recorded at 30 frames per second. The Nokia 6220 purple is packed with all the features required by today’s consumers, such as a decent web browser, email, Built-in GPS, FM radio with RDS, 3G with HSDPA support and a good media player with Polyphonic, MP3 and AAC formats supported. With a generous 120Mb of internal memory the 6220 purple is expandable up to 8GB using microSD card.

The retail bundle for the 6220 Purple includes TV-out cable, USB cable, DC charger, hands free set and a 1Gb memory card. Compact dimensions of 108 x 47 x 15 mm with a weight of only 90g make the 6220 Purple very compact for a smart phone.

5 mega pixel camera with active lens cover and xenon flash
3G with HSDPA support
Built-in GPS
FM radio with RDS
USB and Bluetooth v2.0
VGA video @ 30 fps
“My own key” – fully customisable shortcut key on side of case to any application of your choice
Comes loaded with GPS and the new Nokia Maps 2.0 application
One click photo upload to blogs

No Wi-Fi
Xenon flash placed under the lens
Awkward shutter key
Front plastic casing looks cheap

A fully featured and easy to use smart phone with everything you need – except Wi-Fi! This is a huge omission by Nokia on the 6220 Purple and really the only serious flaw in the whole package. Many consumers list Wi-Fi connectivity as one of the main factors when it comes to deciding on a new phone. So, for a percentage of consumers, the 6220 Purple will not even be considered. However, apart from Wi-Fi, the 6220 Purple has it all, so if Wi-Fi is not important to you, the 6220 Purple should definitely be on your short list.

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Samsung M7500 Armani Emporio Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The M7500 Emporio Armani is a stylish phone from Samsung designed by Armani with trendy designer logos providing a unique light effect and unique design. This phone is a fashion statement! A traditional “candy bar” phone the Emporio Armani has a 2.2 inch OLED screen (240 x 320 pixels resolution) providing crisp images and bright colours. Dimensions of 115 x 47.5 x 12mm and a weight 91g make it easy to carry and handle.

The Emporio Armani features a quality music player which supports popular music formats including, MP3, AAC and WMA formats. A built-in FM radio with RDS is also included. With an internal memory capacity of 120Mb, the Emporio Armani can already store lots of music tracks, screen savers, games, photos and videos. For real memory hogs you can extend storage using MicroSD memory card.

Browsing the internet is well supported with XHTML and WAP 2.0 web browser technologies and speedy data transfers and downloads will be no problem with the EDGE, GPRS, 3G HSDPA and HSCSD systems provided by the Emporio Armani. A Quad-band network mobile phone giving almost world-wide coverage, the Emporio Armani can be connected to other compatible devices via  Bluetooth with A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) or USB technologies easily.

The 3 mega-pixel camera features auto Focus, photo settings, photo editing and a photo gallery, also
functioning as a video recorder with playback in MPEG4 or WMV video file formats. There is a second camera for 3G video calling.

The Samsung M7500 Armani Emporio mobile has the same standard messaging services as most mobiles these days with SMS, MMS (multi-media messaging), Emailing and Predictive Text.

Application tools come pre-loaded on the Armani Emporio and some examples include a voice Memo, call log, to do list, calendar and an alarm clock.

3.5mm audio socket
Video calling
Stylish looks
Predictive Text
Voice Memo
120 MB embedded memory
Multi-tasking support
Office document viewer
Smart dialling

No Wi-Fi
Camera only barely adequate
No camera flash

The Samsung M7500 Armani Emporio is one of the most stylish mobiles available, if you like making fashion statements then this is probably the only phone for you – read no further! However, take the Armani Emporio logo’s away and you are left with a pretty ordinary mobile phone – as with other designer products you are paying extra for the designer label! There are other mobile phones (without designer labels) for the same price with much higher specification. In terms of performance all the essentials are present and correct except Wi-Fi LAN capability, the only other main criticism is the camera could be better.

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Samsung I8510 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The Samsung i8510 comes in 8GB and 16GB versions and is a stylish slide phone with some sophisticated features in a shiny black casing. The i8510 is a Smartphone sharing DNA with the Samsung i780, Samsung i560  and the Samsung i900 Omnia. With a large 2.8 inch TFT screen and up to 16 million displayed colours, the i8510 is a delight to use with clear and colourful graphics. Like most modern smartphones the i8510 is compact (106.5mm x 53.9mm x 17.2mm) and easy to use with one hand. With up to 8.5 hours of talk time from a single charge and up to 310 hours of standby, the battery performance is above average for a feature rich smartphone. Available in two versions (8GB and 16GB) both can be upgraded using microSd card with an additional 16Gb of storage capacity.

The i8510 INNOV8 has an 8 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus, flash, WDR (wide dynamic range), face detection, image stabilising, auto panorama shot, smile shot, and multi shot and of course all the usual camera settings and adjustments. Video recording at 30 fps (frames per second) at VGA quality is standard alomg with support for MPEG4, DivX, H.263, H.264, WMV and Real Player formats. 3G video calling with other 3G users is also enabled allowing real face to face calls using a secondary video camera.

Surfing the web is easy with WAP 2.0, XHTML & HTML web browsers. Network coverage and connectivity technologies are comprehensive including, HSDPA (up to 7.2 Mbps), EDGE, GPRS and Quad-band world wide roaming facility when abroad. Connecting to other devices is simple and easy with Bluetooth WI-FI & USB available.

Of course the i8510 has a fully featured built in music player which is capable of playing tracks in
most formats such as mp3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, AMR, eAAC+ and Real Audio. With a built in FM stereo radio with RDS. The i8510 is pre-loaded with a huge range of MP3 and polyphonic ring-tones and with the massive storage capacity further ringtones along with music, videos, photos and other downloads can be easily stored.

A full range of messaging services are available on the i8510 mobile phone – SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (multi-media messaging), Predictive text, Email and Instant messaging.

The i8510 using Symbian Operating System version 9.3 allows many embedded applications, for example, GPS receiver with AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System), organiser, alarm, calendar and embedded Java & downloadable games ( including Fifa 08!).

8 Mega-pixel camera
Embedded applications – phonebook, to do list, alarm Clock, calendar and calculator
TV out function
8.5 hours talk time
Quad band
RDS FM Radio
AGPS function
Downloadable games & FIFA 2008 game
With 8Gb or 16Gb internal memory no real need for microSD card

No touch screen
No zoom on camera

The Samsung i8510 INNOV8 phone, whether you choose 8gb or 16Gb version, is a great piece of kit. Cool and stylish looks, combined with sophisticated features such as the 8 mega-pixel camera. One of the top smartphones on the market and deserving of a place on your shortlist.

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Nokia N85 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The Nokia N85 is a sleek and compact slide type phone available in black or copper. With a large 2.6 inch screen featuring 16 million colours and 320×240 pixel resolution the display is bright and clear with crisp graphics and smooth transitions between modes. With 6.9 hours talk time and up to 363 hours on standby, this 103mm x 50mm x 16mm Quad-band phone packs a lot of features into a small lightweight package.

The camera function is superb, a 5 mega-pixel unit with 20x digital zoom, CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, Red-eye reduction, Tessar lens, Dual LED flash and Auto-focus. Video is good too, recording in mp4 with a 640×480 resolution and 30 frames per second, along with 8x digital zoom. Up to 90 minutes of high resolution video can be recorded and the Nokia image/video editing features are both comprehensive and intuitive. The quality of both still photographs and video taken with the N85 is excellent.

As a music player the Nokia N85 is fantastic. All popular formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+  are supported. Nokia music manager allows selection by artist, genre, albums and composers.  A crystal clear FM radio with RDS support is included as standard. Both the volume and the sound quality are particularly good on this model.

Personalising the N85 is easy with MP3, AAC, AMR, WMA and polyphonic files available for ringtone selection and 64 polyphonic ring tones already preloaded into memory. In addition to the 78Mb of internal memory up to 8Gb of additional memory is available with (hot swappable) MicroSd card. A huge selection of Java games are also available to download.

In terms of internet and connectivity, the Nokia N85 is a real pleasure to use. All the main browsing technologies such as HTML, XHTML, MP, WML, WAP & CSS are supported with the Nokia web browser. GPS along with Nokia maps is included and the N85 ensures no loss of signal when travelling with automatic roaming between GSM bands to find best network. Connection to other devices is simple using Micro-USB, USB or 3.5mm jack. With SMS, MMS and Email services supported, it’s easy to stay in contact where ever you may be.

Active shutter lens protection on camera
Great camera (high quality photographs and video)
Ability to listen to text messages
Stunning music player with quality sound, plenty of volume and 30 hours of music play back

Keypad not the easiest to use for texting being slightly cramped
Slightly smaller screen than some competitors
The copper colour option looks a little “naff”

Nokia N85 – Summary
The N85 goes right to the top of the class! According to Nokia “the N85 takes the world of mobile convergence to the next level.” – bold claims indeed! However, we have to agree that the the N85 has a fantastic range of features, is simple and intuitive to use, and is definitely one of the best phones on the market.

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Nokia N96 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The N96 Quartz is simply a Nokia N96 with a new silvery (Quartz) finish. As far as specification and features are concerned, it’s exactly the same as the Nokia N96. This is Nokia’s flagship model 3G smart phone (until the N97 to be released Spring 2009!) and features a dual opening deisgn making it easy for user to operate. The TFT screen is a 2.4 inch (6.1 inch diagonal) with 16 million colours and a resolution of 240×320 pixels.

Slightly larger than it’s predecessor the N95, the N96 Quartz is 103mmx55mmx18mm with a weight of 125 grams. However the extra features and memory capacity (up from 8Gb to 16Gb) makes the small size increase worthwhile.


Most mobile phones nowadays come with FM radio,some even have RDS support, well the N96 takes this one step further and offers all the normal features plus Nokia Internet Radio and a Visual Radio. The music player has similar features to the iPhone with a storage capacity of over 3500 songs. You can create play-lists, select their play mode and view playing lists and albums with great colour artwork or video. The sound quality is excellent, if you buy a N96 Quartz then your iPod or mp3 player will be surplus to requirements! As is your digital camera, the 5 mega-pixel camera on the N96 Quartz is all you will ever need, with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash, auto focus, auto exposure and a host of other functions. This is a seriously capable camera.


The video camera on the N96 Quartz is also a high quality piece of kit. Featuring video stabilisation and VGA 30fps recording and allowing video streaming, editing, storing, play back and easy transfer to to other compatible devices. The N96 Quartz also has a secondary camera on the front of the phone to support video calling.

The N96 Quartz also has a built in GPS receiver and a navigation system. The GPS system can provide  satellite pictures of desired destinations as well as the location information and downloadable maps.

As if the features already discussed were not enough, the N96 Quartz even has a TV player! DVB-H live TV broadcasting allows users to watch live TV on the move and access videos via the web browser.

As you would expect from Nokia’s flagship phone the N96 Quartz is packed with all the latest technologies. including 3G HSDPA for fast data transfer, WLAN Wi-Fi technology for wireless connection to fast broadband speeds and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Video calling
High quality camera
Built in GPS
Internet radio
Live TV reception
Large storage capacity

Won’t charge via USB port

The N96 Quartz is a superb mobile phone, it has all the features anyone will ever need and makes other devices such as your camera, mp3 player, GPS navigation and camcorder redundant! It is quire expensive but in this case we feel it is definitely worth it!

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Nokia E71 Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The Nokia E71 is probably the best equipped of all the Nokia smartphones. It has a remarkable range of features for its compact size. Connectivity is superb with the Nokia E71 mobile phone having every single connectivity option available today. The connectivity features in brief include; 3G with HSDPA 3.6Mbps support, Wi-Fi, 2.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP support, microUSB v2.0, Provider-independent VoIP support and Infrared port!

The retail package for the  Nokia E71 bundles the phone with Nokia’s fastest and smallest charger, 2GB microSD card, leather carrying case, leather lanyard, CD with PC sync software, handsfree headset and of course the manuals and guides.


It’s not the most compact of phones – blame the full QWERTY keyboard – however dimensions of 114 x 57 x 10 mm with a weight of 127g is still pretty impressive and the E71 slips into almost any pocket surprisingly easy. The E71 even looks slicker than many other messenger devices.

The screen is 2.36 inches with 16 million colours and QVGA, with excellent contrast and crisp graphics the performance is especially good in bright sunlight.

The standard on-board 120Mb is pretty good and with the included 2Gb microSD this will probably be enough for most of us. However if you really need it the E71 will accept an 8Gb microSD card.

A standard feature on the E71 is “remote wipe”. Basically if your E71 ever gets stolen, you simply send an SMS message with a special code and all sensitive data on your phone is wiped. it does not help to recover the phone but at least the theif won’t have any of your personal data.

When it comes to email, the E71 goes straight to the top of the class! Virtually all email formats are supported including: Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email solution, along with System Seven and Visto Mobile.

Although the music capabilities of the E71 are probably not a major concern for the typical buyers, the E71′s music abilities are great. With MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA formats supported along with M3U playlists and track filtering by artist, album, genre and composer, the E71  provides the same music capabilities as other smart phones using the Symbian S60 music player.

Full QWERTY keyboard
3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality
Infra-red port
GPS receiver and A-GPS function
Voice command/dial functions
Built in hands free
Up to 10 hours talk time on single battery charge
Self-portrait mirror on camera
Smart dialling feature
Advanced call manager for filtering calls
Support for VoIP calls
Remote Wipe security technology

Camera performance below par
Video recording on 15 frames per second
No RDS on the FM radio
No cover for camera lens

A truly amazing mobile device with more features and services than most of us will ever need and no major drawbacks at all – highly recommended!

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Nokia 3600 Slide Black Mobile Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

The Nokia 3600 Slide Black is a sleek, Quad-band mobile phone with a large 2 inch QVGA screen with 16 million colours and 240 x 320 pixel resolution giving a clear and bright display. The Nokia 3600 Slide is a compact device measuring 97.8mm x 47.2mm x 14.5mm making it easy to slip into any pocket and weighs just 97.3g. The battery provides up to 5.5hrs of talk time and up to 280hrs of standby time.

The Nokia 3600 Slide Black music player supports most popular music formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, SP-MIDI, MIDI Tones (64-tone poly) and True tones formats and includes a built in FM stereo radio. Like most Nokia phones, there are endless customisation options. With 64 polyphonic ring-tones and the ability to download many more along with wallpapers and themes, you can really personalise the Nokia 3600 Slide. With an internal storage of 64Mb the Nokia 3600 Slide can store lots of music, games and other downloads, there is also a 512Mb microSD card included in bundle for more storage and this is expandable to 4Gb.

The integrated camera function of the Nokia 3600 Slide Black is a 3.2 mega-pixel device with auto-focus, 8x digital zoom and a double LED flash, although the sheer number of pixels may be bettered by some this is a good quality camera. Video recording is also available allowing the recording of video footage in VGA quality.

The 3600 Slide Black has good connectivity and internet browsing features, using an XHTML, WAP 2.0 and Opera Mini 4 browser, gives a great browsing experience. Connecting to other devices is easy using the USB 2.0, Micro USB, Bluetooth, OMA DRM (Open Mobile Alliance Digital Rights Management) 2.0 technologies. Data transfers via EDGE(Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution), GPRS and HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data – four times faster than GSM, with data rates up to 38.4 kbit/s!) ensure high speed and secure downloads.

In terms of messaging the Nokia 3600 Slide Black covers all the bases with SMS, AMS (audio messaging service), MMS (multi-media messaging), emailing and predictive texting. For gaming enthusiasts the Nokia 3600 Slide comes with Java MIDP 2.0 embedded games and with the amazing selection of downloadable Java games available this should ensure never a dull moment!

Background noise cancellation element (Nokia Voice Clarity)
Good quality camera
TV out
Good for texting with raised positive action keypad
Display easy to read even in direct sunlight
The phonebook stores up to 2000 contacts
FM radio with RDS support

Smallish screen compared to other models
No 3G support
memory card slot difficult to get at (under rear cover as opposed to side on other phones)
LED camera flash is a bit weak – taking photographs in poor light conditions not recommended

Basically the Nokia 3600 Slide is generally a good but not outstanding mobile phone with all the neccessary features at an attractive price.

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