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Canon EOS 50D SLR Digtal Camera Review

Editors Review

The Canon EOS 50D  is the successor to the very popular Canon 40D and as you would expect shares many of the features with the older camera along with a number of improvements. The main improvements over the 40D model include higher resolution sensor (up from 10 megapixels to 15 megapixels), a new image processor called the DIGIC 4 (Digital Imaging Core) with improved colour, startup time and responsiveness along with a higher resolution screen (now 640 x 480 pixels). The improvements in this latest model are probably a direct result of improvements and new releases from competitors such as we have seen in the Nikon D300 and Nikon D50 recently.

Standard features on the EOS 50D include 3.0 inch VGA LCD Monitor with “Live View” mode, selectable AF and metering modes, built in flash, PAL/NTSC/HDMI video output, USB 2.0 computer interface and compact dimensions of 146 x 108 x 74 mm with a weight of just 730 grams.

The Canon EOS 50D has a fast and positive autofocus action even when tracking moving subjects even with the standard 18-55mm kit lens. The 50D has a Live View system much like the 40D and 450D, however on the Canon EOS 50D there is an additional feature - Live AF with Face Detection mode. Essentially Live View allows you to use the LCD screen as the viewfinder while providing all the advanced information professional photographers have come to rely on with high-end optical viewfinders.

The higher resolution of the APS-C (Advanced Photo System type-C) CMOS sensor (an image sensor consisting of an integrated circuit containing an array of CMOS pixel sensors) means less background noise, more light and better image detail on the Canon EOS 50D when compared to previous model. The 50D is also better suited to hazardous environments as the memory card and battery doors are dust and moisture resistant.

The menu system is a simplified tab structure that eliminates the need for scrolling, with quick and easy access to all the options. The included documentation that ships with the Canon EOS 50D is comprehensive and straightforward with a detailed manual and electronic manuals ion CD’s. The Canon EOS 50D software suite is excellent, in addition to the basic image browsing program included, there is the simple but effective Canon PhotoStitch application,    Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and a Picture Style Editor software.

the Canon EOS 50D is a solid, well made camera with features and controls aimed squarely at serious photographers, this is not a camera that is used once or twice a year for special occasions and holidays - this is a serious piece of kit. Although it looks very similar to the previous 40D model, the Canon EOS 50D does offer a number of improvements that make a significant difference to camera performance.

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