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Alcatel OT-880 white Mobile Phone Review

Category : Alcatel, Mobile Phones

The Alcatel OT-880 white is a tiny touchscreen mobile with a pull out Qwerty keyboard. It’s looks are a little unconventional, with some loving the futuristic design while others think it looks like a prop from a science fiction movie! Its not the slimmest handset (thanks to qwery keyboard) at 17mm, but will still fit into most pockets with ease. Despite the chunky size, this phone can feel somewhat flimsy to hold, it has a cheap and flimsy feeling about it – but then again, it is really cheap!

The 2.5 inch display is a little disappointing. A TFT (resistive) design, with a resolution of 240×320 pixels which is pretty basic nowadays. The graphics can look slightly blurry, certainly not as sharp as class leaders. However the display itself is set quite far back from the surface of the phone so should remain reasonably scratch free over time. This combination of small screen and less than sharp graphics can lead to a lot of mistakes during icon selections, care is needed when using this touchscreen which can test your patience. Luckily the interface itself is simple to navigate.

The pull-out Qwerty keyboard is reasonable, with nice wide spaces between the keys for faster selections, and a good space bar that’s clearly separated from the rest of the keys, which is great for fast texting or emailing.

There’s a basic 2 megapixel camera included on the OT-880. However, “basic” is perhaps being kind in this instance as the photo software is so slow with huge delays that you basically end up taking pictures of what you were looking at a few seconds ago – fine for still images but annoying for everything else. The camcorder function is no better unfortunately.

The Alcatel OT-880 white does have full 3G connectivity however. So web browsing or social networking is relatively quick. There’s no Wi-Fi support so you will be limited to your mobile internet service and the associated tariffs.

Advantages: Simple and intuitive interface, easy to navigate, 3G connectivity, really cheap to buy on pay as you go or on contract deals.

Disadvantages: General perception of flimsiness and poor build quality, crappy camera/camcorder, no WiFi.

Disappointing in a number of ways, however the Alcatel OT-880 white is incredibly cheap – less than a fiver on some contracts, T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone– so you cant really expect this to perform like a top of the range flagship phone, for the money, its easy to recommend.

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Alcatel OT-980 black Mobile Phone Review

Category : Alcatel, Mobile Phones

The Alcatel OT-980 is designed to be a big seller with sub £100 pricing and a huge range of smartphone features. Despite the low to mid-range pricing this is Alcatel’s flagship top of the range model. It’s certainly a competitively priced handset, with 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and slider qwerty keyboard for under a ton! Think of the OT-980 as a budget version of the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

Lets get some of the not so good stuff out of the way first – the Alcatel OT-980, like most slider phones, is pretty chunky at just under 16mm thick. The qwerty keyboard responsible for this “chunkiness” is not the best on the market, and the screen is too small by smartphone standards. However, in this price range, none of these shortcomings are a major problem at all. Obviously there has to be some cost cutting measures at this price level. The resistive screen itself is not too bad, just seems lacklustre when compared to the more modern (and expensive) capacitive screens available.

The android operating system (version 2.1) is well up to the job even without a skin (like the HTC Desire), plenty of neat widgets and an easy to use interface. Our favourite Android feature is that by simply holding down the large Home icon gives you easy access to the six apps you’ve used most frequently. Simple and effective. Call quality is good especially when using speakerphone which is louder than most. The slide out qwerty keyboard is responsive and great for fast texting, however keys may be slightly too small for some and its far from the best keyboard gracing a mobile phone today.

Internet use is perhaps the main feature of smartphones, in general, the web browsing experience with the Alcatel OT-980 is good, with WiFi and 3G providing download speeds up to 7mbps. But ultimately, the browsing experience is always going to be limited of course by that small screen, with most pages you will need to do a lot of zooming/resizing, but at least these features are intuitive and efficient with just a double tap required on the area you need to zoom/view thanks to the latest version of the Android OS. The onboard multimedia player allows you to listen to music using 3.5mm headphone jack or via Bluetooth headset. A basic 2 megapixel camera with photos and video recording capability is also provided.

Advantages: very competitive price for a fully featured smartphone with good deals on T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone, standard 3.5mm headset connector allows you to use your favourite headphones (including wireless bluetooth headset),

Disadvantages: small screen is annoying, keyboard keys little bit too small for some, camera is basic, handset a bit chunky at 15.9mm

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Alcatel OT-380 blue Mobile Phone Review

Category : Alcatel, Mobile Phones

The Alcatel OT-380 Mobile Phone is a compact and light weight handset with a funky design. Despite the fact this is a budget mobile and it measures just 91mm x 45mm x 19.2 mm and weighs in at just 90g. This is a true multimedia phone which supports all the main functions required by modern mobile users in spite of the incredibly low price. Working on dual band GSM network with a 1.8 inch TFT display with a pretty basic resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. Never the less, the screen is useful and clear displaying up to 65,000 colours.

The illuminating (blue) numeric keypad is also responsive with a positive action making it easy to use for basic texting or even photo messaging. Polyphonic and mp3 ring tones are supported and their is even a rudimentary 0.3 megapixel camera with resolution of 640×480 pixels and digital zoom. A built-in music player allows you to playback mp3, WMA and eAAC+ file formats and there is even a Stereo FM radio tuner with RDS.

Connectivity on the Alcatel OT-380 blue is pretty decent with GPRS, Bluetooth and miniUSB interface available. Battery life is good with 350 hours in standby mode and up to 7 hours of talk time. The retail pack includes 650maH battery, charger, single earphone, miniUSB cable and straightforward user manual.

Advantages: The Alcatel OT-380 has amazing looks for what is essentially a bargain basement mobile phone with the funky blue colour display sitting above a blue backlit navigation key and luminous slide down keypad. Just a few short years ago this would have been considered a top of the range device which shows how fast mobile technology is moving forward. Everything is simple to use on this phone and the amount of features included at this price level is astounding.

Disadvantages: No 3g or WiFi, very basic camera on board, earphone supplied in retail pack is rudimentary to say the least. WAP Internet Browser is also basic but lets face it at this price the fact this phone is even capable of browsing the web is a bonus!

With the exception of some high tech features like 3G and WiFi, the Alcatel OT-380 blue provides a wide range of useful features in addition to the basic functions of calling and texting at a very reasonable price indeed on T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone!

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Alcatel OT-209 Mobile Review

Category : Alcatel, Mobile Deals

The Alcatel OT-209 is one of the cheapest mobile phones on the market, with deals available for as little as £2.50 on pay as you go! Obviously this is not a mobile phone for those who like to be on the cutting edge of technology, nor for those who need to make a fashion statement by owning the latest model handset. This is a phone for those who require a mobile but don’t want to pay through the nose for it! It has an obvious appeal as a back-up mobile or emergency phone due to the ridiculously low price.

As you would expect from a phone this cheap, it doesn’t exactly look cutting edge, its not exactly ugly, just “plain”. With plastic chassis (no brushed aluminium at this price) rubbery buttons and a small screen it looks like what it is – basic. However, sometimes basic is good! there are many mobile phone users who never use the majority of features available on modern smartphones, so why pay for them?

As far as budget phones go, the Alcatel OT-209 has everything you need, plus more. Easy to use texting (with predictive text), clear call quality, handy built in LED torch, FM radio and some basic functions like alarm clock, calendar and stopwatch. Battery life is fantastic (no doubt due to lack of high tech battery sapping features) with around 7 days of basic use between charges – try doing that with your smartphone!

There is of course no camera, 3G or WiFi. There is however one potentially useful function that is unexpected – a “fake call” function! Simply holding down the navigation button triggers the ringing tone, handy for getting out of boring conversations!

Advantages: Incredibly cheap, perfectly functional mobile phone, handy “Fake call” function, great battery life

Disadvantages: Not the best looking mobile phone! no camera, 3G or WiFi. Retail pack only provides single earphone and you will need adaptor to use your own headphones.

The Alcatel OT-209 isn’t the prettiest phone out there, but it’s perfectly usable and as cheap as chips on Orange and Vodafone. As an emergency mobile phone or even a primary handset for basic usage, its easy to recommend it as a good buy. In fact it may have a certain practical appeal for those who make a point of not following the latest fashion or trends.

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