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The original Apple iPhone was in a class of its own when first launched 3 years ago. Since then, many other manufacturers have risen to the challenge and are producing smartphones with all the features that initially made the iPhone such a success (such as the HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson Xperia, and BlackBerry 9800). Features such as internet access, social networking and email are now commonplace. So will the new iPhone continue to be the class leader, or will it be regulated to an also ran?

The new iPhone 4 is without doubt a fantastic mobile phone, although some may be disappointed by the new look which no longer has the trademark curved edges of the previous models. This new model, in terms of looks at least, is harder to distinguish from other touchscreen phones from rival manufacturers. However the new design is more practical and certainly feels substantial and expensive. Slightly slimmer than the iPhone 3 model, the iPhone 4 uses a strong, scratch resistant aluminosilicate material to cover the screen and a stainless steel chassis for extra strength – this is a handset that feels built to last!

The screen on the latest model is a revelation, there was not much wrong with the previous screen, but the quality of the display on the iPhone 4 is outstanding. According to Apple the new display has 4x the resolution of the old screen! This startling improvement comes via the use of Apple’s “retina display” system which uses pixels so small they are undetectable by the human eye! The sharpness, contrast and colour, rival any AMOLED screen, yet the iPhone 4 uses a simple backlit LED display. Photos, videos, menu graphics, and games all look great, but where the iPhone 4 display really shines is the ebook reader display. Using Apple’s own ebook reader software, the pages are displayed with clarity to rival that of Apples own iPad tablet device!

Virtually everything on the iPhone 4 is improved and upgraded over the old model. There’s now a 5 megapixel camera with built in LED flash which takes excellent photographs even in lowlight conditions, HD video capture and playback with quality that will worry camcorder manufacturers, and a new A4 processor which gives multitasking capabilities – the Achilles heel of previous iPhone models! A bigger battery along with new power management software also improves another of the iPhone’s previous weaknesses, namely battery life. This latest model in practice rarely needs charging during daily use – unlike the old model which would need charging at lunchtime to top-up!

Advantages: Fantastic LED screen, great 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording, improved practical design, improved call quality, multitasking now possible.

Disadvantages: Still a minor reception issue with left hand use, high price, no Flash video, social networking integration not as straightforward as competitors handsets

The Apple iPhone 4 is a fantastic mobile device, its expensive but you wont feel short-changed if you own one. Except perhaps the decision not to support Flash video – again! Apple insist that the new HTML 5 and other internet standards will take over from Flash video and be a better all round experience, this is fine, but in the meantime those ‘Flash not detected’ messages are going to be a real pain for iPhone users! Available on T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

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Apple Iphone Mobile Phone Review

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so you will be familiar with the iPhone from Apple – but does the iPhone live up to the hype? Let’s find out by doing a full iPhone review.

Well, no iPhone review would be complete without mentioning the appearance, first impressions are important and the Iphone impresses immediately with its large clear screen and uncluttered appearance with just a home button and earpiece visible on the front on the phone. On the top of the phone you have the power button, 3.5mm headphone jack (which is not compatible with many types of headphones as the socket has an unusually deep recess) and sim card slot (to remove sim card you need a paperclip or tsmall screwdriver to insert into a tiny hole as opposed to a simple release button!) The left hand side of the unit features the silencer switch and volume controls and all you can see on the back is the camera lens. This is a super sexy mobile phone which has spurned many lookalikes from competitors. Measuring 115mm x 61mm x 11.6mm and weighing in at just 135 grams, the iPhone manages somehow to be sleek and substantial at the same time.

One thing you will find in common with any iPhone review is that using the iPhone is a joy, all applications open with the touch of a finger on that classy touch-sensitive 320 x 480 pixel screen interface,, which will be familiar to all Apple mac users as it’s based on the Apple OS X design. This mobile is really many devices rolled into one – a widescreen iPod, mobile phone and internet communications device all wrapped up in a sleek, modern package.

The iPhone ships with either 4 Gbyte or 8 Gbyte of memory. Unusually, this smartphone comes with a sealed fitted battery which allows up to 16 hours use as a music player and 5 hours of call or internet browsing time.

The built in music player is awesome, with touch screen music controls to play, pause, rewind & fast forward music while viewing album cover artwork on the screen. Finding your favourite tracks is easy with a search facility allowing search by song, album, artist or play list. I think you will struggle to find an iPhone review that does not praise the music capabilities of this smartphone.

Slick camera and video features are provided allowing easy capture of still photographs and moving video footage. The camera itself lacks many of configuration options seen on other phones but the advanced photo management application provides everything you need to get a near perfect finish. Video playback is supported in all popular formats with touch screen video controls for play, pause, chapter fast forward, chapter rewind and volume. You can even watch your favourite TV shows and movies on the move!


iPhone review Pros
4 Gbyte or 8 Gbyte memory included
EDGE & WiFi technology supported
excellent Safari HTML Web Browser
OS X Based OS
Fantastic 3.5 inch colour touchscreen
Decent 2 Megapixel Digital Camera
Great music player
Sexy looks

iPhone review Cons
Camera lacks some adjustment features and settings
Sealed battery
Fiddly memory card removal

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