HTC Incredible S Review

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The HTC Incredible S is the latest Android equipped mobile phone from the popular Taiwanese brand. Given the previous success of the Samsung Galaxy S and a range of forthcoming mobile phones with a 4-inch screen hitting the UK (like the LG Optimus 2X) it’s easy to see why HTC is bringing the Incredible handset to the UK (after a highly successful début in the USA).

In appearance the HTC Incredible S strangely resembles the Motorola Defy rather than other HTC models, the rugged appearance of the handset is a welcome change however, especially when compared to the more conventional slick styling of more conventional mobile phones like the Galaxy S which are slowly becoming generic despite being highly original at launch. The HTC Incredible S chassis is encased in a practical plastic that actually looks and feels like rubber. Somehow, HTC have managed to make a mobile phone that looks slim, but feels quite chunky in the hand and is easy to grip and hold.

This rugged outdoor appearance doesn’t mean the Incredible S is unattractive, far from it. The four inch stunning Super LCD screen fits well with the black exterior with the four touch sensitive Android navigation keys (Home, Menu, Back and Search). Unlike some touch sensitive keys, the HTC keys are tactile and although there is no actual click as such, there is a nice tactile buzz.

There is no physical dedicated camera key but the excellent 8 megapixel camera is easy to use and takes brilliant photographs courtesy of rather large camera sensor on the back of the handset. Strangely there is a dock connector fitted but no dock currently available (although HTC say they have one in the pipeline but no time scale is available).

The HTC Incredible S does everything pretty well and nothing too badly. It is particularly great when browsing the web or viewing videos or photographs on that amazing Super LCD screen. Movies also sound great with virtual surround sound via SRS WOW HD.
The HTC Incredible S is likely to be hugely popular in the UK. With the slick HTC Sense user interface, fantastic 8 megapixel camera, huge, high quality screen and that great feeling chassis. Particularly when you consider the HTC Incredible S retail price places it right in the mid-range market. The only downside is the large screen isn’t great in direct sunlight and some may not like the rugged appearance.

HTC Wildfire S review

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Marketed by HTC as the smartphone for those on a tight budget, or the low cost version of the HTC Desire. The HTC Wildfire however, doesn’t skimp on specification. This budget priced touch screen handset runs the Android 2.1 operating system with the neat HTC Sense user interface and comes with the same processing power as the HTC Hero. The 3.2 inch QVGA capacitive screen works well with the optical trackpad work for easy navigation and the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash is one of the best. The social networking integration is awesome on the Wildfire, with facebook integrated into everything from calendar and home screens through to caller ID.

In appearance terms the HTC wildfire looks a lot like a compact version of the HTC Desire, but although the Wildfire is small, its not tiny like the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini for instance, but at just 118g in weight the Wildfire is usefully compact. Despite the small size, the HTC Wildfire looks grown-up (unlike the children’s toy looks of its predecessor, the HTC Tattoo) , feels solid to hold and is available in a range of classy colour schemes.

The screen on the HTC Wildfire is 3.2 inches, smaller than the largest most expensive smart phones but larger than many competitors with none of the problems associated with capacitive touch screens such as difficult icon selection – in this format 3.2 inches seems to be a good compromise between size and usability. goodness. However if you’re used to a smartphone with a larger screen you may be slightly disappointed.

The HTC Wildfire is simply a budget phone that doesn’t look cheap, featuring a slick and fast web browser (with Flash content) an excellent camera with LED flash, responsive capacitive touch screen and all the best of HTC Sense with particularly brilliant social network integration. The only real downsides for the attractive pricing are that the screen is perhaps a little small for watching videos and the media player, while good, is not brilliant. Not a lot of downside really considering the low price for a budget version of the brilliant HTC Desire which is almost as good! You can get the HTC Wildfire free on a contract for around £10 per month – try doing that with an HTC Desire or any of its main competitors! The Wildfire offers much of the top of the range smartphone performance, for a fraction of the price so is likely to be a big seller in the UK this year.

LG Optimus 7 Review

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The LG Optimus 7,is a Windows Phone 7 phone, therefore, in many ways a review of the Optimus 7 is a review of the software itself, as the hardware on Windows 7 phones is virtually identical. However, the LG Optimus 7 is one of the smallest Windows Phone 7 handsets available in Europe, especially when you compare this compact handset to heavy duty handsets like the HTC HD7 and the Samsung Omnia 7 ( and the only Windows Phone 7 handset currently available with physical as opposed to touch sensitive buttons). Every operating system has its good and bad points, Windows is no different, but most find that in general Windows Phone 7 is a positive experience when mated with the LG Optimus 7.

The very similar Samsung Omnia 7 actually has a bigger and better screen, but the LG Optimus 7 might just trump the Samsung handset in other areas, its certainly one of the most enjoyable phones to use we have come across. While the LG Optimus 7 cant match the contrast or colour saturation of the Samsung Super AMOLED screen, the TFT of the LG Optimus 7 has an advantage in terms of its higher pixel density, which makes smaller text sizes easier to read.

The LG Optimus 7 feels reassuringly well made, with good overall build quality and it feels solid in the hand with no signs of that
“plasticky” cheapness often found in cheaper models such as creaks or squeaks from the handset while in use. When you first power up the LG Optimus 7 you are greeted with the red Vodafone brand by default but this can easily changed in the settings menu. The LG Optimus 7 is a fully loaded smartphone with that 3.8 inch TFT touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and the acclaimed 1GHz Snapdragon processor chipset with 16Gb of RAM on board. Measuring just 125mm x 59.8mm x 11.5mm with a weight of 140g, the compact dimensions do well to hide the considerable power under the hood.

The combination of Optimus 7 hardware and Windows Phone 7 operating system work perfectly well with applications opening almost instantly and switching between apps happening in a flash. Of course the same can be said about all the other Windows Phone 7 handsets on the market like the HTC HD7, Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Mozart. Like those other phones, the LG Optimus 7 will also have access to Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Zune services for accessing your favourite music and games on your mobile device.

Latest HTC Evo 3D hands-on test

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HTC Evo 3D hands-on test

For the mobile phone consumer who wants everything, the HTC Evo 3D has it all, even though some have criticised the 3D feature as being little more than a gimmick. Whatever your feelings about 3D, the Evo brings a new dimension to the mobile marketplace – the ability to shoot 3D stills and video, with a screen that can display them in 3D without requiring special glasses. Essentially the Evo 3D is an HTC Sensation with 3D on board! Of course that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the HTC sensation was and is a top of the range smart phone. The only downside to adding 3D functionality of 3D to the Sensation is the fact that the extra hardware makes the handset bulkier. But 3D aside, the Evo 3D does share the majority of its features with the Sensation.

When you are not utilising the 3D feature, the large screen on the Evo looks like any other. The screen is huge, very responsive and slick to use. The Evo comes with the HTC Sense interface which looks great with cool widgets, however many purists may prefer the traditional Android user interface, at present HTC sense cannot be turned off, but HTC are apparently working on a hack to keep everyone happy.

Thankfully the Evo will ship with the Watch movie store which means finding movies to watch on your phone will be easy, in addition HTC are saying they will ensure there are a choice of 3D movies to download at launch. But even if there is a poor selection initially, there is nothing to stop you shooting your own video in 3D to watch! There is also no need to worry about compatibility when sharing videos with your friends – you can share in 2D or 3D formats no problem.

All this 3D trickery requires some serious power under the hood, especially when you consider that the 3D effect is obtained through having double 5 megapixel cameras shooting simultaneously, the Evo doesnt disappoint in this regard with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM on board.

If you love having access to all the latest technology with mobile devices and simply must have the phone with every feature possible – the HTC Evo 3D is a no brainer. If you think the 3D feature is just a gimmick you will rarely if ever use, then you probably should pocket the price difference and buy the HTC Sensation. However, there is no doubt the 3D technology is really cool, both photos and video had amazing depth and if 3D movies become readily available in the near future then the Evo 3D may be the trailblazer for the rest of the market.

New HTC ChaCha review

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The HTC ChaCha ticks pretty much every box in the must have smartphone feature list, with the added bonus of a dedicated Facebook button and a full Qwerty keyboard. Featuring the power of the all new Android 2.3 Gingerbread the HTC ChaCha is an immensely likeable handset and one of two HTC models boasting the Facebook logo (the other being the HTC Salsa). Facebook apps are definitely big business today, many manufacturers are pushing Facebook integration as a method of increasing sales and customer satisfaction. The massive popularity of Facebook means just including the logo on the casing will no doubt have an effect on sales volume!

In addition to the Facebook integration with a useful range of Facebook-focused apps (withan especially good chat client) the ChaCha features an excellent qwerty keyboard, sharp 480×320 pixels 2.6 inch screen, GPS and a whole host of technological features, as you would expect from a handset which is equipped with state of the art software, namely Android 2.3 Gingerbread and HTC’s latest Sense user interface, surprisingly the potential of the software is slightly limited by using a fairly modest 800MHz CPU.

The qwerty keyboard is a real joy to use, the comfortable width of the phone means its easy to use both thumbs when typing, even if you have large fingers or are wearing gloves, the keys themselves are well defined and tactile with a discernible click when pressed, putting other devices like the BlackBerry Curve 8250 to shame. The touch screen is also sharp with good contrast in all light conditions, however at 2.6 inches you cant help feeling it could have been bigger, never the less it works well. If there is a weakness in the ChaCha its the limitation of the small screen combined with that 800Mhz processor, HD video streaming is not available on this model and flash support is very limited. On the plus side, that small screen helps with battery life, there is no need to charge the ChaCha every day (unless a very heavy user) unlike some other smartphones on the market.

The biggest selling point of the ChaCha, the much-hyped Facebook button, is useful and after a while you definitely come to rely upon it, however when you get down to basics, its really only saving a few seconds/clicks compared to other handsets with Facebook widgets – its still cool though!

If you love watching HD movies on your phone the ChaCha probably is not the handset for you, however if you are a Blackberry user looking to transition to an Android powered phone, this handset could be right up your street!

HTC HD2 Rugged Mobile Review

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The HTC Touch HD2 is essentially a toughened up version of the HTC Touch HD. With a special 4.3 inch touchscreen (displays up to 65,000 colours with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels) that hardens upon impact to protect the phone and a unique thick stylus designed to be usable even wearing thick gloves. Weighing in at 157 grams and measuring 120.5mm x 67mm x 11mm, this is a compact smartphone designed to take some knocks! Running on Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional with the pocket office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and a PDF viewer) installed, the HTC HD2 Rugged is ready to face the everyday challenges of work and play.

The HD2 Rugged is packed with the latest features such as a 5 megapixel camera (with geo-tagging, autofocus, dual LED flash and video recording capability), touchscreen with auto-rotation and handwriting recognition, Quad band reception and 3G HSDPA, GPRS and EDGE support, WiFi built in and Bluetooth A2DP support.

Although this phone is designed to be used as a professional robust handset for those working outdoors and/or those who have active occupations or hobbies, it does not disappoint in terms of entertainment. With dedicated camera key taking photos and recording video is fast and fun, videos can be played in WMV, 3GP, MPEG4, 3G2, M4V, AVI, and ASF formats. The integrated music player supporting all the popular file formats (including mp3) offers a great listening experience and the inclusion of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack means users can simply plug in their favourite headphones. An FM radio is also included and the phone supports downloadable games.

Connectivity options are numerous with internet access through HSDPA connection, WiFi hotspots, EDGE, GPRS, micro-USB and Bluetooth. memory storage of up to 32Gb (via microSd card) means you can store all your music, video and photos easily on the HTC HD2 Rugged.

Advantages: Amazing Tech21 d3o protection case (a specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules. They flow with the product but upon shock, lock together to absorb the impact energy). Specially designed stylus easy to use in all situations even with thick gloves. Good 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED flashlight, 3.5mm stereo audio jack, Windows Media Player, HSDPA, GPRS/EDGE , WiFi, Bluetooth A2DP, long battery life. Good deals on Orange.

Disadvantages: Touchscreen not as slick as class leaders, uses Windows 6.5 operating system, not in same league as the latest Windows 7.

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Full review on the HTC Desire white

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A potentially class winning mobile phone featuring a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7inch OLED screen and the latest Android 2.1 Operating system. The HTC Desire white is very similar to the Google Nexus One and has its sights firmly set on the Apple iPhone. With HTC Sense overlaying the latest Android OS and a huge range of features allied to a sleek design – it may well be the better mobile phone, lets take a look at some of the HTC Desire features in more detail.

The Desire has a 5 megapixel camera which takes decent photographs in good lighting and reasonable snaps in the dark with the LED light (LED lit photos can be a bit harsh but this criticism is shared by all LED flash cameras). Video recording is also impressive even in low light conditions. Viewing images and videos is a joy on the stunning AMOLED screen with 480×800 pixel resolution but there are occasions in bright sunlight when the display can be hard to read (not a major problem in the UK!). One particular area where the HTC Desire easily beats the iPhone is watching streaming video while browsing web sites, the iPhone still does not support Flash whereas the Desire fully supports Flash 10 along with 3GP, 3G2, MP4 and WMV video file formats. The microSD card slot can be used for storage up to 32GB and with high speed connectivity using 3G or on board WiFi downloading movies and music is fast and easy.

The Desire’s integrated web browser is one of the best on the market, super fast, and easy to use. The large screen also makes it more enjoyable surfing the web with some neat resizing features such as multi-touch zoom capability making it easy to view all types of web content. Once again
the Desire beats Apple’s phone in almost every area of internet browsing. The HTC Desire white uses an optical trackpad that registers finger motion over the sensor, rather than the trackball featured on the Nexus One, this is a much more responsive option and looks neater too.

Social networking is well taken care of with the fabulous Sense application “Friendstream” sits on the home screen and combines all your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates into one stream, simple and effective.In terms of messaging there are numerous options available such as SMS, MMS and Gmail.

Perhaps the only Achilles heel of this handset is the decision by HTC to fit a 1400mAh battery, this small capacity battery means you’ll probably need to charge the Desire every day.

Advantages: Fast internet browser with Flash support, Friendstream to integrate your updates and contacts across social networks, superb HTC Sense interface and Android OS, inbuilt hands-free kit supplied with headphones and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Disadvantages: some still feel Android OS is a little “geeky”, poor battery life, AMOLED screen can be hard to see in bright sunlight.

There is no doubt the HTC Desire is one of the best phones of all time. Significantly cheaper than the iPhone, but matching or beating the iPhone in all areas.

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HTC 7 Mozart Mobile Phone Review

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The HTC 7 Mozart yet another Windows Phone 7 handset from the Taiwanese company, but in addition to the Microsoft standard specification (which can make Windows 7 phones all feel the same) this phone offers a high fidelity, surround sound experience for music and video playback. This is how the Mozart has met the challenge of differentiating itself from the other Windows phones. In addition to the enhanced music and video playback features the HTC 7 Mozart is also smaller than the HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7 and has a better camera with 8 megapixel sensor. The basic spec for the HTC 7 Mozart is, as you would expect, similar to the other Windows powered phones with a 1GHz processor, 3.7 inch screen, eight megapixel camera, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Looks wise, the HTC 7 Mozart follows the standard Windows 7 layout with the front of the handset featuring the large screen and Back, Menu and Search buttons below. Clever use of brushed aluminium and chrome inserts highlight the sleek, smart image. The rear casing features the camera lens, xenon flash, speaker and the Windows 7 logo.

The screen is excellent with crisp, bright graphics, however it’s no match for the Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Omnia 7 or the super sized screen of the HTC HD7. The virtual surround sound offered courtesy of SRS WOW HD sound driver is fantastic, even listening through standard headphones the sound is crystal clear with good bass.

One of the downsides to the Windows Mobile 7 phones is no hot swappable storage, you have to make do with the 8Gb of internal memory. For this reason some will prefer an Android powered HTC handset like the Desire HD for the extra external memory storage.

Advantages: Xenon flash is great for taking photographs in poor light conditions, its brighter and gives better results than the normal LED light found on most mobile phones. Fantastic sound quality, simple and slick Windows 7 user interface, standard 3.5mm headphone jack allows good choice of headphones. Excellent Zune software that allows you sync music easily between your phone and your computer. Setting up email is easy – just require user and password Google, Yahoo, Orange or Hotmail set up.

Disadvantages: Only 8GB of internal storage which can’t be expanded, Windows 7 App store is just getting started so not many apps when compared to the iPhone and Android platforms. No HTC Sense as Windows will not allow the overlay of user interface skins. only available on Orange.

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HTC 7 Trophy Full Review

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The HTC 7 Trophy is a reassuringly solid handset with a high quality feel, yet somehow managing to be slim and compact at the same time! At 140g and measuring just 62mm x 119mm x 12mm, the Trophy will easily fit into any pocket. This handset even looks expensive with brushed aluminium and chrome casing. The display is large at 3.8 inches (although obviously not as large as the HTC Desire HD) and has good resolution and sharp graphics courtesy of the new Windows 7mobile operating system. As already noted in other HTC mobile reviews, this latest version of the Windows mobile OS is light years ahead of previous Windows mobile system. Offering sharp graphics, intuitive and simple interface, slick operation and fast transitions. In fact the only downside to having a Windows 7 powered phone right now is the lack of apps available for downloading, although this will obviously improve over time.

It has to be said that all Windows 7 phones are very similar, this is no doubt due to the minimum spec requirements laid down by Microsoft to ensure consistent Windows 7 experience across all manufacturers hardware. All windows 7 phones for instance, have (as a minimum) touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, FM radio, accelerometer, 1Ghz processor, the same three control keys under screen etc. Once you have used a Windows 7 handset you will certainly have no problems switching models at a later date (much like changing PC/laptop model, the user experience remains basically the same).

The camera is worth noting as at first sounds pretty basic with just a 5 megapixel sensor, however in practice it actually takes nice, clear photos with the included LED flash and the camera software is simple to get to grips with. There is a video recording feature as well which is actually pretty basic but does record decent smooth footage and is not bogged down with endless options which are rarely used.

Advantages: Good display with sharp contrast and vibrant colours, Windows 7 operating system is lightening fast and very slick, decent 5 megapixel camera, feels solid and well made.

Disadvantages: Very similar indeed to other Windows Phone 7 mobiles with nothing to really make this handset stand out from the crowd, not many apps available to download for Windows 7 yet.

The HTC 7 Trophy is a great mobile phone featuring the new Windows Phone 7 operating system. But, remember to check out the other Windows Phone 7 phones that are currently available. The Windows 7 based phones are so similar that it really comes down to a choice of screen size or camera specification within your budget. Available now on T-mobile, o2, Orange and Vodafone

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HTC HD7 Full Review of Window’s 7 flagship phone

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The HTC HD7, unlike the HTC Desire Z, utilises the latest Windows Phone 7 operating system. A big departure from HTC’s popular and impressive Android phones. So far the HTC HD7 is exclusive to O2 in the UK. All the new Windows & mobiles are packed with features and high tech hardware to a similar specification including 1GHz processors, at least 8GB of memory, 5 megapixel camera sensors (minimum) and large touch screens.

The HTC HD7 has the largest touchscreen out of all the latest Windows 7 handsets at 4.3 inches. The screen on the HD7 looks so large it’s almost like a tablet device! This of course makes it a joy to use for internet browsing, watching video or playing games.

While the large screen has many advantages, one disadvantage is the size of the actual handset, the slab design and large size combine to make it awkward and sometimes uncomfortable to use, particularly during long calls. On the plus side this new Windows 7 operating system is light years ahead of Windows Mobile. This latest mobile Windows OS is so far ahead of the old system it bears no relation – this is no minor upgrade but a complete (necessary) revamp for the better. The new interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate quickly. With handy shortcuts to services like Windows Live (hotmail, office and Skydrive cloud storage for files) and there is even support for Google accounts too.

The HTC HD7 comes with Zune (basically Microsoft version of iTunes) and once Zune is installed on your computer syncing music files, videos and podcasts via USB cable is effortless. Unfortunately, unlike the HTC Desire Z, the HD7 currently does not support Flash video online, but in fairness Flash support is pretty new and hardly any mobile phones have this capability as yet. One other drawback on the web experience is that the web browser seems to be hard wired for Yahoo search only – annoying!

Advantages: Fantastic 4.3 inch screen with vibrant colours, easy and flexible user interface courtesy of Windows 7, neat Zune software, reasonably priced music store with all the latest content, responsive touchscreen, handy flip-out stand for watching videos

Disadvantages: Social networking integration and options could be better, annoying Yahoo search in the browser (though this is expected to be changed in early 2011 update), no expandable memory, battery life poor – even with moderate use expect to charge daily

The HTC HD7 is possibly the best device for the launch of Windows Phone 7, with its good looks, fantastic screen and totally revamped Windows OS which is fun and easy to use.

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