Motorola Atrix Review

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The Motorola Atrix was voted number one in the T3 “Hot 100 Gadgets” of 2011, ahead of even the mighty Apple iPad, a number of Google tablets and a various state of the art laptops and consoles. The Atrix runs smooth and slick courtesy of the fast dual-core processor and is capable of doing many things at once in an effortless way that would have been unthinkable until recent technological advances. The whole reasoning of the Motorola Atrix is to challenge the distinctions between mobile phones and computers.

An Atrix, using the Lapdock accessory, allows you to use the keyboard and screen of a laptop which makes the Atrix an irresistible gadget – if you like that sort of thing! Many mobile phone manufacturers have repeatedly stated that modern smartphones are becoming as good as computers, however Motorola is the first to really put it to the test with the Atrix. The Atrix, using a variety of “docks” can convert into a media centre, notebook, SatNav or even bedside alarm clock.

The appearance of the Atrix at first glance, is reminiscent of the Motorola Defy handset, but on closer inspection the inclusion of a fingerprint reader on the top of the phone sets it apart (it also serves as the power on/off button). This reader gives the option of unlocking the phone with a fingerprint swipe as opposed to a password). You can set up the Atrix with your fingerprint by swiping your left and right index fingers over it. Once set up the phone will deny access to all other users.

The screen on the Atrix (qHD) is a unique 540×960 pixel resolution 4 inch touchscreen with a quality to rival the iPhone 4 and is sharper and clearer than competitors like the Google Nexus One, for example. This resolution and sharpnes is especially noticeable when web browsing which is effortless with the Atrix even though not quite on par with the iPhone 4′s browser. The Motorola Atrix ships with a host of accessories including a Bluetooth keyboard and remote, laptop dock, charging dock, multimedia dock and mouse.

In summary the Motorola Atrix is a powerful and responsive handset with a sleek and innovative laptop docking arrangement, excellent high resolution screen and neat Motoblur widgets. Currently running Android 2.2 Froyo operating system although Motorola have announced that an update to the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is planned to be released shortly. The only real drawback to the Atrix is that it may be a confusing concept for some with the bewildering array of accessories and options.

Motorola Milestone XT720 Full Review and Price Comparison

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Basically, the Motorola Milestone XT720 is a Motorola Milestone (aka Droid for the USA) without the qwerty keyboard and the addition of a touchscreen interface with a minor facelift. You get the same 3.7 inch screen but a true flagship mobile phone packed with virtually every possible feature. One of th emany claims to fame with this handset is the 8 megapixel camera on board (to put things into perspective, other top Android powered phones like the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S only have 5 megapixels). In addition to high spec camera, you have all the connectivity features (Wi-Fi, 3G, HSDPA and Bluetooth), GPS satellite navigation, FM radio and music player, microSD card slot, accelerometer for switching between screen views, video recording and a mini HDMI out socket.

Unlike the Motorola Flipout however, the Milestone XT720 does not have the Motoblur interface, just the standard Android 2.1. This makes the XT720 slightly less fussy in terms of screens and customisation. Unfortunately it also means no built in social network integration. However there are many applications available for Android phones which support the various social networking websites.

Appearance is decidedly futuristic with lots of chrome and glass effects accentuating the smooth curves. In addition to the screen, the front of the phone has 4 touch sensitive buttons (menu, home, back, and search) and dedicated camera keys.

The only thing that stops the Motorola Milestone XT720 taking the pole position in the Android smartphone wars is the decision to use the 550Mhz chip instead of the more powerful 1Ghz Snapdragon. We can only assume this was done for financial reasons. In practice you will not notice the difference most of the time, but try to do too much at any one time and performance will start to suffer.

The camera is amazing and not just in terms of 8 megapixel quality. There are a whole host of features which you would normally find on high end photography devices such as ISO control between 100 – 800, touch to focus feature, image stabilisation, face detection, various scene modes and fast mechanical shutter. This camera is probably better than the digital SLR cameras on sale just a few short years ago!

3.5mm headphones jack, HDMI out for connection to HD-Ready TV, full range of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, 3G, HSDPA and Bluetooth), 8 megapixel camera with video recording at 720 pixels, Android 2.1, GPS for navigation, HTML5 ready browser, ships with 8GB microSD card in retail pack. Available right now on T-mobile and Vodafone

Disadvantages: No Motoblur interface from Motorola, 550Mhz processor rather than the more powerful 1Ghz Snapdragon,

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Motorola FlipOut Full Review, cheapest deals and tariffs

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Traditionally, there are only a few physical types of mobile phone. The “candy bar” or “slab”, with or without a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and the “flip” or “clamshell” type. Surprisingly, the Motorola FlipOut is noe of these traditional types. The Motorola FlipOut has a swivel/rotation qwerty keyboard that come sout from a central pivot in the top left corner. It sounds (and looks) strange at first, but after a few minutes the action is easy even one handed, and after a short while can become addictive!

Realistically, most of the time you won’t need to open (FlipOut) the handset at all, as most of the main features can be accessed from the 2.8-inch screen display. But if you need to do some typing for texts or emails for example, the keyboard swivels out and is ready to use in an instant. The keyboard itself, although small with keys quite close together, is easy to get used to. You will find at the bottom left hand side of the keyboard, a “D-pad” for one touch navigation around all the icons and menu’s.

While the front of the handset is dominated by the touchscreen and swivel qwerty keypad, the rear of the handset houses the 3 megapixel camera with digital zoom. The Motorola FlipOut is a high tech device featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, 3G and the Android operating sytem version 2.1.

The Android interface from Motorola (called Motoblur) allows you quickly manage all aspects of the phone. With a choice of 5 different home screens, each available with a configurable array of icons, menus, widgets and shortcuts. Social networking is well addressed via the central hub with easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, MySpace or LastFM amongst others. In addition to all the standard applications provided, there are many more to choose from online via the Android store.

Advantages: Compact size, neat flipout qwerty keyboard, customisable coloured casings, lots of technical features like 3G, WiFi and GPS satellite navigation.

Disadvantages: Screen is quite small, as is keyboard. The overall appearance of this phone might be a bit too quirky for some, it can look like a toy! For those cutomers who dont like the looks, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is worth checking out

A trendy and compact smartphone, with competitive pricing and huge specification. Minor quibbles like small screen/keyboard aside, the Motorola FlipOut is a cracking phone with good looks and capabilities. Available today on T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone

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Motorola A3100 Mobile Phone Review

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The Motorola A3100 (aka the MOTOSURF) is an elegant mobile phone with a nice curved edge design. Measuring just 110mm x 59.7mm x 13.7mm and weighing 119 grams, with a large 2.8 inch TFT touch screen which can display up to 65,000 colours and a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Navigating the features on the Motorola A3100 is easy using the touch screen to input text and navigate menus with the provided stylus, or using the roller ball navigation control. Handwriting recognition technology is also supported. The rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours talk time and 288 hours on standby.

The Motorola A3100 has a fantastic 3 mega pixel camera with digital zoom, auto focus and flash. Capable of video recording and playback in both MPEG4 and WMV video modes. A second camera located at the front of the handset provides video calling capability with other users with compatible handsets.

motorola-motosurf-a3100Internet and connectivity options on the Motorola A3100 are good with fast connections utilising the Motorola A3100 MOTOSURF’s built-in web browsing technologies such as 3G HSDPA GPRS and EDGE, Bluetooth with A2DP, WAP 2.0 XHTML, HTML and RSS feed readers. The Motorola A3100 is a Quad-band network phone which provides the user with reception abroad using the automatic roaming facility. Being a 3G HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) phone the Motorola A3100 supports high speed internet access and has full 3G video calling capability.

Multimedia and entertainment functions are offered with built-in music player supporting mp3 and WMA files and Polyphonic and mp3 ring-tone options. Additionally a range of embedded games are offered with ability to download many more. As standard the Motorola A3100 has 256Mb of flash memory and 128Mb of RAM memory with memory card support included.

The Motorola A3100 is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS. A3100 users enjoy a full suite of applications such as OneNote(free-form information gathering, and multi-user collaboration software), PDF Viewer, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel and GPS Navigation.

Stylus, Finger Control and Roller Ball Touch Screen
2.8 Inch colour touch screen
Music Player
3 Megapixel Camera
3G HSDPA Technology
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
GPS Navigation with AGPS
Video player with MPEG4 & WMV

Unconventional looks won’t suit everyone
No Wi-fi support

The Motorola A3100 MOTOSURF phone has an elegant and classy look and is packed with the latest technologies. The curved looks will appeal to many but others will prefer the conventional looks of competitor phones. Lack of Wi-Fi LAN and highish price are the only real drawbacks.

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