Nokia N9 Initial Test

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The Nokia N9 resembles some sort of alien communication device from a Sci-Fi movie! Definitely not one of those generic handsets which are hard to distinguish, its certainly unique with its slick, no buttons appearance and the innovative navigation by “swipey gestures”.This handset does actually have some buttons, on the side there are unlock, camera and volume buttons, but these are not immediately obvious and the lack of even a home button on the fascia of the phone is unusual to say the least. The curved 3.9 inch touch screen simply adds to the visual appeal. But is this “swipey gestures” any good?

Well, the method of navigation is not dissimilar to that employed by other devices such as the Palm Pre, BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad. On these devices the consensus is that, although it can take a bit of getting used to, once you get the hang of it, navigation becomes fast and intuitive. Of course some will baulk at having to learn to use these new features, but many will be smitten by this unusual method and will be happily “swiping in no time, perhaps in a few years buttons will be regarded as old fashioned and clumsy!

The “home” screen defaults to information on missed calls, text messages and social network activity (such as wall posts, tweets and notifications). One swipe brings you to a screen displaying all the icons for on board applications, yet another swipe brings you to the third screen displaying open applications allowing you to multi task and switch between the apps. In terms of hardware the Nokia N9 features a 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and HD video capabilities, social networking (Vimeo, Twitter, Skype, Facebook and more) and fast mobile browsing, Wi-Fi, maps with free navigation in 90 countries worldwide and Dolby Digital Plus for audio with personal surround sound. Plus of course a wide range of applications available via the Nokia OVI store.

The Nokia N9 deserves success just based on looks and novelty factors alone! However, scratch beneath the pleasing surface and you will find a feature laden smart phone to rival offerings from other manufacturers. On the down side, Nokia have strangely decided to use the already outdated MeeGo Operating System, which even Nokia appear to have lost interest in, this means updates and new applications are unlikely in the future. However this is offset by the fact that the N9 comes preloaded with many applications and games which will be more than enough for many users.

Full Review of Nokia 6303i Classic mobile Phone

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large6303classicsilverAnother mobile from Nokia targeted towards entry level users, the Nokia 6303i Classic is a conventional “candy bar” shaped handset which provides a surprising range of features. The stainless steel bevelled casing looks and feels good, additionally it’s a simple handset to use with one hand. Standard features include a 3.1 megapixel camera, web browser, music player, video player and messaging services, essentially the 6303 offers all the features and services mobile phone users need. The Nokia 6303i is essentially an upgraded version of the Nokia 6300 with additional memory, features, and greater customisation using the range of new coloured casings.

The 2.2 inch display is a TFT type with 240 x 320 pixels resolution and supports up to 16 million colours. Even with full alphanumeric keypad below, the overall dimensions are still just 108.8mm x 46.2mm x 11.7 mm, with a weight of just 96 grams. Connectivity options are limited to the 2G network with GPRS and EDGE, no 3G or WLAN but thats only to be expected given the price range of this model. USB and Bluetooth are both supported however, so overall the the Nokia 6303i Classic scores well in connectivity stakes for this level of pricing.

The Nokia 6303i classic is a low end device that does not offer memory intensive gaming facilities so the on-board memory of 55 MB and external memory of 2Gb with microSD card included is quite sufficient (if necessary even this can be upgraded to 8Gb if required). The camera is decent with 3.2 megapixels, LED flash, video recording at 8 frames per second and auto focus. The music player on the Nokia 6303i classic offers a good music listening experience and supports all popular file types such as MP3, WAV, eAAC+, and WMA.

Advantages:Great quality stainless steel handset seems built to last and feels good to hold, easy to use and get familiar with main features, good battery life, decent camera for the price, lots of features for a budget mobile phone.

Disadvantages: Some users feel the loudspeaker could use a bit more volume, no 3G , no touch screen display, some users felt keyboard was slightly too small while others had no problems – perhaps not the best handset for those with podgy fingers!

In the main, Nokia has got another winner on it’s hands in their budget mobile phone range. This handset, although targeted at the entry level users, has many of the features associated with much higher end products so will surprise and delight many budget conscious phone users! Currently the best offers on the Nokia 6303i Classic are to be found with o2 and Vodafone.

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Nokia 2330 Classic – reviews and ratings

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large2330classicThe Nokia 2330 Classic is an elegant looking handset which will satisfy thos emobile phone customers looking for all the main features without being blinded by science! It’s a great phone, suitable for all age groups, that comes with all the main applications and features required. Calling, texting, playing games (comes preloaded with Galaxy Ball and a Snake II) , browsing the internet (with EDGE technology for high speed data transfer), taking photographs, recording videos and even listening to music, all this from a budget handset with a bargain basement price – what more could you possibly want?

Weighing in at just 90 grams and measuring just 13.8mm x 46mm x 107mm, with its basic 1.8” TFT display above standard alphanumeric keypad, this handset is neat enough to fit into any pocket. The integrated digital camera can be used for both photographs and videos (picture quality is more than adequate for most). Images, videos, contacts and ringtones can be stored using the 32 Mb of on-board memory (although you cannot extend this storage). A good quality FM radio with dedicated key is also included (supported via an internal antenna and with a really handy radio recording feature ). The design and looks of the Nokia 2330 are hardly exciting, but the phone feels durable and well made with no nasty suprises in store.

We tend not to expect much from a budget phone, so the inclusion of SMS and MMS, Bluetooth, conference calling, hands free, and a full web browser are unexpected, but welcome additions.

Advantages: Good battery life (4.8 hours talk time and standby time of up to 540 hours ), extremely affordable on both contract (T-mobile and o2) and pay-as-you-go, good music player, and very easy to use

Disadvantages: No microSD card slot to increase memory storage, fitted with a 2.5mm headphone jack which means sourcing after-market headphones is difficult and you could be stuck with the poor standard headphones supplied by Nokia, slightly cramped keyboard wont suit those of us with large hands/fingers.

Considering this is a budget mobile with a bargain-basement price, it’s hard to find much to complain about with the Nokia 2330 Classic. Its has good battery life, it’s really easy to use and does have some decent additional features. It’s only real problems are the slightly cramped keypad and no microSD slot to expand memory. If you are looking for a mobile phone that does all the basics well, is cheap, and is simple to get to grips with, the Nokia 2330 Classic should be on your shopping list!

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Nokia E5 Mobile Phone Review

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largenokiae5blackThe Nokia E5 is a feature packed smart phone loaded with 3G and WiFi technologies. A direct competitor to Blackberry products such as the BlackBerry Curve , this 3G Smart-phone however persists in using the outdated Symbian operating system (despite the long running industry rumours of Nokia switching to the superior Android operating system). . The saving grace of the E5 is the inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard and the user friendly navigation controls which has become something of a Nokia trademark.

In terms of features, this mobile phone has everything you could possibly need. Built in music player, video recording and playback, five megapixel digital camera, fully functioning Web browser, Multimedia Messaging, Bluetooth and WiFi, Vlingo speech-to-text , pre-installed applications for social networking via Facebook and similar, Ovi Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation, Quad Band reception and much more!

The handset features a 2.4 inch TFT screen (up to 256,000 colours and resolution of 320 pixels x 240 pixels) above a full qwerty keyboard and classic Nokia 5 way navigation key. Available in 5 different casing colours ( white, carbon black, silver grey, copper and sky blue) which nicely highlight the chrome effect accents. Measuring 11.5cm x 5.89cm x 1.28cm, the E5 is reasonably compact, though certainly not the smallest phone on the market. It does however feel substantial to hold with a reassuring solid feel.

Lack of touchscreen means users require keyboard for functions such as zoom and navigation, making transitions slower and clunkier than Android powered mobile phones such as the HTC Desire or Motorola Milestone. However the customisation features available on the home screens means the E5 beats the iPhone set up by some margin!

Advantages: Fantastic Qwerty keyboard enables fast typing for texting/emails etc, sturdy design, excellent battery life, huge choice of connectivity options. 3.5mm audio jack allows easy upgrading of standard headphones, powerful speaker with good clarity

Screen not brilliant – difficult to read in direct sunlight and 320 pixels x 240 pixels is simply not enough nowadays, ancient Symbian operating system is feeling a bit outdated, Camera is just adequate – should really be better in this class. Headphones included in retail pack are poor.

The Nokia E5 is another handset from Nokia targeting Blackberry (much like the C3), apart from the rather low tech screen, it does a good job and the superb qwerty keyboard alone will certainly win a few customers from the more expensive Blackberry Curve and similar products. Available on T-mobile, o2, Orange and Vodafone

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Nokia 5230 XpressMusic Smartphone Full Review

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large5230Another fashionable touch screen handset from Nokia, the 5230 XpressMusic comes in black or white with interchangeable battery covers (red, silver, pink, yellow or blue) for further customisation potential.

The 5230 uses the Symbian 60 operating system software powering all the features and the 3.2 inch high resolution touch screen. In terms of overall size the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic measures 11.1cm x 5.17cm x 1.55cm and weighs in at 115 grams (this weight includes stylus which annoyingly is not included in some retail packs).

As expected from a smart phone, the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic comes with internet browser with RSS feed display, full email capabilities, SMS and MMS (multimedia picture messaging service), alarm clock, phone-book, music player with FM radio, camera and much, much more.

From the model name (XpressMusic) you can expect this mobile phone to focus heavily on music capabilities. Nokia has long been a leader in providing music players masquerading as mobile phones! Ever since the launch of the 5800 XpressMusic back in 2008, Nokia has been delighting music lovers with their handsets. The 5230 XpressMusic does not disappoint in this regard, with integrated FM radio, music player (supporting MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA music formats) with 33 hours of playback time from a single battery charge, dedicated volume control key and speaker for listening to radio/music tracks without headphones. The 5230 has 70MB of internal memory but this can easily be expanded to 16GB using microSD card. If your music collection doesn’t stretch to 16Gb songs are also available for download from the Nokia Music Store.

In addition to the music capabilities, the Nokia 5230 has a fairly basic two mega-pixel camera with a digital zoom, integrated flash and dedicated capture key which makes it easy to take photographs. The camera also supports video recording and video recordings can be played back on the high colour touch screen display.

High speed data access is provided courtesy of the 3G HSDPA technology. The 5230 also comes with GPS navigation and Nokia Maps 2.0. Connectivity is good with EDGE technology and useful Bluetooth connection or USB connection.

Advantages: Fast and responsive touch-screen display, great music player

Disadvantages: No Wi-Fi, less than exciting looks, fiddly sim-card removal process

A good all-rounder with particularly good music features and excellent sound quality. The only place the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic falls down is no Wi-Fi capability. That aside, this is an excellent mobile phone with an attractive retail price and great offers available on contracts from T-mobile, Vodafone and Orange.

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Nokia C5 Mobile Phone Review

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largenokiac5greyThe Nokia C5 seem to be an attempt by Nokia to introduce most of the features of the latest smart phones in a cheaper and easier to use package. Using the latest edition of the Symbian S60 operating system (3rd edition) the C5 is indeed more powerful than previous S40 offerings, but does it compare to well to rivals?

The first most obvious attraction of the C5 is the quality looks and feel of the stainless steel body, the handset feels so tough, with large easy to use buttons on the keypad, that you could imagine the military using it! So it’s smart and durable, but how does it perform?

At first glance the C5 looks like any traditional “candy bar” type phone, with 2.2-inch screen and alphanumeric keypad below. It’s only once you start using the handset, that you will appreciate that Nokia has injected the C5 with some DNA from its high end smart phone handsets.

Typically with Nokia smartphones, the C5 comes with a plethora of “social” applications ready to use ( such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Friendster). Many more applications are available from the Nokia Ovi store. There applications can be pinned to your home screen allowing you to customise the C5 experience.

On board storage is a relatively meagre 50MB, but you can add up to 16Gb using microSD card (a 2Gb microSD card is upplied in retail pack). One of the main attractions of the C5 will be the inclusion of Ovi maps and navigation completely free (for life according to Nokia). However the 2.2 inch screen is perhaps a little small to use when driving!

The 3.2 megapixel camera may sound basic when many manufacturers fit 5-10 megapixel units as standard, however, the camera is simple to use and the results are more than acceptable in terms of quality. The C5 pretty much has everything users want from a smart phone, with one notable exception, Wi-Fi. Of course data connectivity is supplied via 3G so as long as you have a good 3G signal in your area its not a huge problem, on the other hand, if you find yourself without 3G coverage or you have an expensive tariff for data downloads, you will find yourself wishing for Wi-Fi capability!

The C5 is available on contracts with T-mobile and Vodafone and is very competitive, cheaper than similar products such as HTC Tattoo or Samsung Tocco Ultra for example. The C5 is also offered on pay-as-you-go for those who prefer that payment model.

Advantages: Easy to use with simple interface, big buttons that can be operated even with gloves on!, superb build quality and sturdy construction, 3G support

Disadvantages: No Wi-Fi

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Full Review Nokia 1800 with Latest Deals

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large1800The Nokia 1800 is available in four colours (blue colour, red, silver grey and black) in a solid “candy bar” type casing measuring 10.7cm x 4.5cm x 1.53cm and weighs just 78.5 grams. With a 1.8 inch TFT colour screen and the typical Nokia navigation controls below along with call buttons and alphanumeric keypad.

The 1800 is a basic mobile phone, for those who do not require all the bells and whistles (which this type of customer would probably never use anyway). A refreshingly simple product, easy to use and set up, it does what it “says on the tin”, no more, no less. despite this elegant simplicity, the Nokia 1800 has many useful basic features and functions, such as phone book for storing contact names and numbers, calendar, clock, alarm, SMS messaging, FM radio and LED flash light (why don’t other phones have this simple yet extremely useful feature?). The 1800 also supports MP3 ringtones and comes with 32-polyphonic ringtones pre loaded. There is also the option to personalise the handset with a range of covers.

Usual functional and intuitive Nokia navigation, decent headset included in retail pack, useful LED torch which would work well in emergency situations, good reception even in rural areas, cheap

Disadvantages: No camera, no internet data connectivity, no email, lack of gimmicky features may put some people off! – no bragging rights, the sleek looks mean the casing design can be a bit slippery to hold!

If you just want a mobile phone for making/receiving calls and some text messaging, the Nokia 1800 has much to commend it. Extremely easy to use with no complicated menu functions nor tons of high tech features which you will never use! With the battery providing 528 hours standby time (helped no doubt by the distinct lack of power sapping features) this would also be a great handset for emergency use whilst driving/travelling for instance. The retail pack includes a Nokia Compact Charger, Stereo Headset and a useful User guide. Most users would have this phone set up and ready to use in seconds (after battery is fully charged). The Nokia 1800 has a high satisfaction rating from customers with very little negative feedback at all – all in all, a budget mobile phone with all the basic features wrapped up in a nice looking handset, with easy to read screen, simple to use navigation and good reliability. Perhaps the best basic handset on the market right now.

Available free with contract from T-mobile, Orange, and Vodafone. Or for less than £10 on pay-as-you-go!

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Nokia 5228 Reviews and Deals

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large5228blackThe Nokia 5228 is an extremely stylish touch screen Smartphone which will definitely appeal to the fashion conscious. The 5228 is a “candy bar” type handset with a 3.2 inch high colour (16.7 million colours) touch screen available in white or black with a selection of colours available for the rear casing (red, silver, green, pink, black, blue). Main features include a 2 mega-pixel camera, integrated music player (with dedicated music keys and Speaker ) and Internet browser. The camera also doubles as a video recorder (30 frames per second at 640 x 360 pixels resolution).

A Symbian Smart phone, the 5228 uses the S60 operating system, this allows the use of a built in stylus for making touch screen selections. The built in accelerometer also provides display auto rotation. Measuring just 11.1cm x 5.17cm x 1.55cm and weighing in at 115 grams. This handset, in addition to looking stylish, actually feels high quality and is good to hold. There is a definite high-end feel to this mobile.

The 5228 supports Java games which are easy to play with touch screen controls (ships with Roller Coaster game installed). The built in camera has a CMOS sensor and 3x digital zoom and also supports video recording at up to thirty frames per second. Other standard features include music player (MP3, eAAC+, WMA and WAV ), FM radio, handwriting recognition, conference calling, speaker-phone, flight mode setting, audio messaging, email, Internet browser with Nokia mobile search and full connectivity using EDGE and GPRS technology, Bluetooth or the included USB cable.

With 70Mb of internal memory and another 16Gb via MicroSD™ memory card there should be plenty of storage for most users. Being a quad-band handset the phone should be usable pretty much worldwide and the battery provides a claimed 10 hours talk time and 455 hours on standby.

Advantages: An attractive proposition for the price, particularly for young users, clever proximity sensor that turns the phone off automatically to help you save battery life, a great phone for music lovers, familiar (to Nokia fans) and easy to use navigation interface, generous amount of pre-loaded software,( Facebook, MySpace and Amazon applications for example).

Disadvantages: resistive screen is not that responsive when it comes to handwriting recognition, no HSDPA or 3G, downloading large files is a bit slow via EDGE/GPRS.

Available on pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts on T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone. The 5228 is sure to be another big seller for Nokia.

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Nokia X3 Touch and Type Review and Latest Deals

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largenokiax3touchblackThe Nokia X3 Touch and Type is an unusual handset offering a combination of touch screen display AND standard alphanumeric keypad ( the only other phone we can think of offering this combo is the BlackBerry Torch 9800) The actual screen size on the X3 Touch and Type is a modest 2.4 inches, it’s a TFT resistive type screen with QVGA resolution and supporting up to 256,000 colours. The resistive screen allows use of stylus and helps keep dimensions down to a snug 106mm x 48mm x 9.6mm and a light weight of only 78g. The X3 is noticeably slimmer than many competitors. As with most Nokia’s, navigation is simple and intuitive and the touch interface works well.

Connectivity is a major advantage with this mobile. A quad band GSM handset, with 3G and both HSDPA and HSUPA enabled, along with GPRS (Class 10) and EDGE. The handset is also WiFi enabled and features Bluetooth 2.1, with A2DP support. Connecting to PC or laptop is easy with supplied Micro USB port. Full support is offered for messaging services like GTalk, Yahoo messenger, Windows Live; and for popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The internal memory of the X3 Touch and Type is a meagre 50MB, however additional memory storage via Micro SD memory card can support up to 16GB (according to Nokia, however users have reported using memory cards of up to32Gb with no problems). This memory is especially useful for the on-board media player which supports all popular digital audio and video formats. A 16Gb memory card can hold thousands of songs along with video’s and photographs, and if you ever get bored of your music there is always the built in stereo FM radio with RDS support.
The Nokia X3 has a decent 5.0 megapixel camera (resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels) which can also record video with and supports for high speed data transfer. Nokia claim 408 hours stand by time for both 2G and 3G with standard battery which is exceptional for a touch screen phone.

Advantages: Exceptional battery life, stylish looks, superb connectivity and very user friendly, quality feel despite wide use of plastic in construction
Disadvantages: No qwerty keypad, Symbain OS some way behind class leaders, camera at 5 megapixels is pretty basic for this class

The Nokia X3 is an unusual phone with touchscreen and alphanumeric keypads with a good range of connectivity features and easy to use S40 software. Lacks the bells and whistles of competitors like Blackberry but this is reflected in price. Currently being offered as a free handset with contract by T-mobile and Vodafone. Another winner from Nokia!

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Full Review on Nokia C7

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largenokiac7blackThe Nokia C7 is a mid-range phone with all the features you would expect from Nokia in this price range with no serious shortcomings. In the Nokia range, the C7 is priced above the C6 and below the N8. This was one of Nokia’s first mobiles featuring the new Symbian 3 software and by all accounts, it’s a much faster, more versatile system than previous offerings in the range. Offering quick and extremely slick switching between apps and screens.

This latest operating system provides a choice of 3 different “home” screens, each of which can be customised with a collection of widgets ( such as email, news, social status on Facebook/Twitter and even TV widgets allowing display of channels like CNN or BBC).

The phone’s frame is a classy, solid feeling stainless steel design which feels more robust than some of it’s competitors. Available in black, brown, or what Nokia describes as “frosty metal” colours. The C7 also features a second noise cancelling microphone so you can be heard clearly when making calls despite high levels of ambient noise.

The 3.5 inch screen is an AMOLED design (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode). This is essential in a phone with a clear internet based appeal, providing both Wi-Fi and 3G to ensure seamless, high speed web access almost anywhere.

Heavily promoted by networks which in the UK include T-mobile, o2 and Vodafone, the C7 is available free on a contract basis.

Advantages: Sturdy stainless steel construction, much improved Symbian 3 software is slick and versatile, superb 3.5 inch AMOLED screen

Disadvantages: Although the Symbian 3 software is much improved it still has a way to go in terms of catching up with close mobile rivals such as Apple’s iOS or Google Android, that shiny surface is a bit of a magnet for fingerprints!

The C7 is yet another useful option in the Nokia range, Nokia has made the point (very publicly) that they feel customers want choice and a one phone suits all approach is not optimal (obviously a direct reference to the Apple iPhone!). A mid range handset with a strong bias towards internet users and in particular social networking. Has much to commend it, with very little negatives. The only downside really is the Symbian operating system is not quite a match to the current market leaders, but it’s not far behind and in normal everyday use most users would not feel short changed.

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