Samsung Galaxy Ace review

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If you imagine a Samsung Galaxy S 2 that’s been cut in half, essentially that’s the Samsung Galaxy Ace! The Korean company Samsung has created a compact, stylish smart phone that also looks an awful lot like the iPhone 4. The Samsung Ace is already in stores and selling well. The Ace borrows from the simple but sophisticated image that defines handsets such as the iPhone, with its smooth glossy front and a grippy back cover. The 3.5 inch screen and squarish casing definitely looks similar to the iPhone 4, but only superficially as the chassis on the Samsung Galaxy Ace is mostly plastic rather than the metal of the Apple product. Despite that the Ace still feels solid and high quality but is surprisingly light at just 113g.

The 320×480 pixel screen isn’t as sharp as on more expensive smart phones, but it’s quick, responsive and very usable. Small text on web pages can be difficult to read but zooming in and out is quick and intuitive, in no small way thanks to multi touch support. The screen is a simple LCD type, not the AMOLED type Samsung is becoming more well known for. Never the less, this screen looks bright and sharp even under bright lights. One advantage of a small screen is increased battery life, the Galaxy Ace battery lasts a couple of days easily between charges even with heavy use calls, WiFi and GPS all running!

The power of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is the Google mobile software operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo. It’s not actually the latest version with phones running version 2.3.3 available in shops already. But this 2.2 version still has all the best features of the Android operating system in a well proven version, so most probably wont miss the extra features available on the newer versions.

The Android web browser featured on the Galaxy Ace is fantastic, is playing pages in the same way as they would look on a desktop PC or laptop. Unfortunately, the Ace doesn’t support Flash, but at least there’s a YouTube app to get your videos(but the BBC iPlayer is currently not supported at all). Despite the lack of Flash, there are plenty of features to enjoy. Portable hotspots for sharing your 3G data connection with your laptop and other devices over Wi-Fi. Tons of programs and games from the Android Market, 7.2Mbps HSDPA for fast downloads over 3G and Samsung Apps and a 5-mega pixel camera.

Samsung Nexus S Mobile Phone Review

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The first mobile phone to the ship with the latest Google Android 2.3 operating system (aka “Gingerbread”) and the successor to the Google Nexus One, the Samsung Nexus S is a joint effort from Samsung and Google. The hardware is similar to the Google Nexus One with essentially the same 5 megapixel camera and 1 Ghz processor specification, but there are some improvements. The Samsung Nexus S has an NFC chip built into it for instance. Basically, the NFC chip can enable your phone to be used as a credit card.

The glossy, black chassis of the Nexus S is also more attractive and slightly larger than its predecessor. Measuring 124mm x64mm x11mm, the phone is a bit lighter than the Nexus One, weighing just 128g. The first feature that grabs your attention is the amazing 4 inch Super AMOLED display. This “Contour Display” with subtle curves allows the to handset to fit more comfortably next to your face.

The Android “Gingerbread” update isn’t a huge isn’t a huge leap forward, but there are some really useful enhancements. One of the best features is the the improved virtual keyboard. in addition there are also improvements to the camera support and an overall upgrade in performance. The pack of Google applications included run seamlessly with this latest Android software, the apps include – Gmail, Places, Latitude, YouTube, Google Maps with Navigation, Search (with voice control), Car Home, Google Talk, and Google Voice. Video playback is smooth and looks fantastic on the large Super AMOLED display even in bright, outdoor sunlight. The touchscreen is large enough to make watching your favourite TV shows and movies enjoyable – unlike some other phones on the market! Surfing multimedia websites and switching between applications is also fluid and smooth with no glitches.

The Samsung Nexus S has a the same 5 megapixel camera with flash as the Google Nexus One. The camera quality is good, but not best in class. The Android update now allows multiple camera support, so the Nexus S features a front-facing camera for video calling. Video quality is pretty good and you can shoot video with a resolution as high as 720×480 pixels at 30 fps.

Advantages: The display is gorgeous with sharp, vibrant colours even in bright sunlight, latest version of Google Android 2.3 (‘Gingerbread) has some great features and upgrades, call quality is excellent, lots of free Google applications pre-loaded, fast processor, great video recording and playback quality and at last video calling capabilities.

Disadvantages: No microSD card slot and capped at 16GB of internal memory with no 32GB model available, camera quality is good but not brilliant.

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Samsung Monte Slider E2550 Review and Price Comparison

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The Samsung Monte Slider E2550 is a sleekly designed slider type phone packed with communication and entertainment features. Part of the Samsung “Monte” family which includes phones such as the Samsung C3200 Monte Bar and the Samsung S5620. The Monte Slider E2550 features a music player, camera, internet browser, vibrant user interface and of course the elegant slide out keypad.

The front casing of the handset has the two inch TFT colour display screen (not touchscreen) with navigation control, call and selection keys located below this screen. The keypad slides out vertically but the handset can be used the slide in the closed position for the majority of the common features such as calls, phone book, messaging services etc. The E2550 Monte Slider has a black glossy coloured casing with stylish chrome contours giving a modern and classy look.

MP3 format ringing tones are supported and users can download additional tones to their phone using the wide range of connectivity options offered on the E2550. Fun and entertainment are supplied with music features, including built-in FM radio with RDS, internet browsing with social network integration, music player allowing playback and storage of MP3, WAV, WMA & eAAC+ files – with Digital Natural Sound Engine (DNSe), full gaming experience with preloaded and downloadable games on offer, and a rear facing camera (still photo and video).

The Samsung E2550 works is a dual band phone covering GSM 1800 and GSM 900. Battery life is good with a charge and realistically you will find a charge is only needed every few days (unlike some smartphones where charging seems to be a daily event like iPhone and Motorola Milestone.

Communication features are simple to access with messaging services being particularly good with T9 predict text feature which means users can quickly and easily create and share multimedia messages rather than making a call. Connectivity is good via both Bluetooth wireless connectivity and USB, and data can be stored using the 12Mb of on-board memory or the additional 8Gb via microSD slot.

Advantages: Good looks, nice sound from music player with the “Digital Natural Sound Engine feature”, packed with thoughtful features, very competitively priced, speaker phone with good volume .

Disadvantages: Camera only 1.2 megapixels (although photographs are reasonable quality and the included photo album application is great), No Wi-Fi, No 3G, only dual band so coverage abroad will vary.

In summary, a well designed slider handset with good features and classy looks in a compact (98.5mm x 48.5mm x 14.4 mm) package. Lack of 3G and WiFi are the only let down but at the current prices its hard to complain on T-mobile, o2, Orange and Vodafone.

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Samsung Galaxy Europa i5500 User Review and Price Comparison

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The Samsung Galaxy Europa I5500 is another touch-screen smart phone from the Samsung Galaxy family. Essentially a cut down version of the flagship handset the Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy Europa is a compact design for a smart phone and as you can imagine is packed with the latest features and mobile technologies such as 3G HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The curvaceous casing is an elegant design, mainly black in colour with classy chrome effect edging. A 2.8 inch TFT capacitive touch screen with navigation, call and controls keys below dominate the front appearance of the handset. An Android OS phone with the acclaimed Samsung TouchWiz user interface, the Samsung Galaxy Europa is a joy to use. On the rear of the handset there is a 2 megapixel camera for both still photographs and video recording/playback. Featuring a dedicated capture key and GPS geo tagging. There is also an FM tuner with RDS, music player and mp3 ringtone support. Communicating on the move is straightforward using the suite of tools
provided on the Galaxy Europa – hands free speaker calling, email (with Gmail support), text messaging, multimedia picture or video messaging (MMS) and instant messaging are all provided.

With 170Mb of internal memory storage and a 1Gb memory card supplied (can be upgraded to 16Gb) the Galaxy Europa I5500 has plenty of storage for contacts, photographs, video and music. The Samsung Galaxy Europa works over both 3G & GSM networks and data transfer via a USB connection or Blue tooth wireless is supported. GPS courtesy of Google maps application is also included.

Known as the Samsung Galaxy 5 abroad, the Galaxy Europa I5500′s main competitors are phones such as the T-Mobile Pulse Mini , iPhone and the HTC Wildfire. Available now on following networks – T-mobile, o2, and Orange

Advantages: don’t have to take off the battery when swapping your SD cards due to convenient location, can choose between the alphanumeric keypad or a QWERTY keypad for text entry, although 2 megapixels sounds a bit naff in this day and age picture quality is surprisingly good, tons of free games and applications up for grabs on the Android market, Swype text entry system

Disadvantages: very little of any consequence really, the screen is quite small and although display is clear and bright, it’s not nearly as good in terms of resolution or clarity as the the iPhone 4′s display, speakers could be stronger, audio quality is just OK.

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Samsung E2370 Xcover Full Review

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The unique selling point of the Samsung E2370 Xcover is the rugged dirt, dust, water, humidity, shock, vibration and extreme temperature resistant exterior along with the extended battery life. This is a phone for outdoors types, iron men and triathletes – or at least that’s how it is marketed! It looks very similar to those other indestructible mobile phones from Samsung – the B2100 and the B2700 and comes with the same IP54 certification (for solids – protected against dust limited ingress, and for liquids – no harmful deposits and Protection against water sprayed from all directions – limited ingress permitted ). In reality, with a battery which will last up to 67 days on standby or 22 hours of talk time, the Samsung E2370 Xcover is a great phone to take camping/hiking etc especially with the inclusion of a bright torch inbuilt on the top of the phone.

The rubberised body and dayglo orange highlights on the keys emphasise the no nonsense approach of the Samsung E2370 Xcover, this phone even looks like it means business! With adventure sports and activities becoming so popular in recent years we can imagine that the Samsung E2370 Xcover will find plenty of buyers that will certainly appreciate the rugged looks and image.

Advantages: Sturdy reliable, cheap, easy to use, massive battery life, decent FM Radio and MP3 player, convenient torch built-in to handset, camera with VGA video recording included, Bluetooth AD2P, basic internet access is provided. Songs can be added to the music player using Bluetooth or USB.

Disadvantages: apart from the rugged features designed to withstand the sort of “rough and tumble” treatment that would destroy many normal mobile phones, the Samsung E2370 Xcover is pretty basic. No 3G or wireless. Phone memory of just 5MB expanded up to 2GB (in fairness however with this phones basic features its not exactly memory intensive).

A basic, yet extremely durable mobile phone with incredible battery life and some useful features. Perfectly adequate to use as an everyday phone, but particularly ideal for all outdoor types and also for use as an emergency phone to leave in vehicle. It’s also cheap enough to use as second phone just to take when camping/hiking/sailing for instance. Just don’t expect all the latest features like touch-screens, WiFi, qwerty keyboard and so on. A basic phone with some rugged capability and standard features, partnered with clever battery technology.

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