Toshiba TG01 Mobile Review – Orange Exclusive

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The Toshiba TG01 is out of this world – it is a handset that does virtually everything a netbook can do. Is it a mobile phone or is it a mini netbook? You decide.

This phone is priced at the higher end of the market but I really do believe that you get what you pay for. This phone does everything and more, from simple messaging to web browsing and also comes with a backup device. The backup device allows you to upgrade your phone (or even if you loose your phone) you can retrieve all your contacts and photos online on your pc by entering a unique number linked to your phone.

It is a new handset to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, powered by 1Ghz mobile CPU, and has GSM, HSPDA, Bluetooth and GPS. The chip set called Snapdragon will turn the TGO1 into the fastest mobile phone on the market today. Toshiba TGO1 has a 4″ WVGA screen, measuring 9.9mm. It has 512 MB internal memory expandable to up to 32 GB and a 3.2 mega pixel camera. The phone weighs 129g, has wi-fi connectivity and comes with a micro SD card slot. It is packed with features and has the newest technology. The excellent display colours and advanced features will surprise even the most up to date mobile phone user. The TG01 works on Windows 6.1 professional OS. It has a 512 MB of ROM and 1 GHz of power.

This phone offers you incredible internet connectivity, fascinating features and excellent picture and sound quality. The wide touch screen display allows you to view videos and movies on the go. The very fast 1GHz processor means movies are much smoother, gaming quicker and browsing smoother than before. Not to forget that the TG01 phone also offers quick internet browsing with Flash support as well as Core player that lets you view much more video formats.

The handset is only available from Orange on a pay monthly contract basis at the moment but I am sure other networks and packages will become available pretty soon.The handset is available in white or black, the TG01 handset is the new means of communication, movies, social networks, gaming, music, GPS and more all in one device. What more, the little extra bonus that I just love is that Sims City Metropolis and Spore trial are pre loaded on to your TG01 phone.

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