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Full Review on Nokia C7

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia, O2, T-mobile

largenokiac7blackThe Nokia C7 is a mid-range phone with all the features you would expect from Nokia in this price range with no serious shortcomings. In the Nokia range, the C7 is priced above the C6 and below the N8. This was one of Nokia’s first mobiles featuring the new Symbian 3 software and by all accounts, it’s a much faster, more versatile system than previous offerings in the range. Offering quick and extremely slick switching between apps and screens.

This latest operating system provides a choice of 3 different “home” screens, each of which can be customised with a collection of widgets ( such as email, news, social status on Facebook/Twitter and even TV widgets allowing display of channels like CNN or BBC).

The phone’s frame is a classy, solid feeling stainless steel design which feels more robust than some of it’s competitors. Available in black, brown, or what Nokia describes as “frosty metal” colours. The C7 also features a second noise cancelling microphone so you can be heard clearly when making calls despite high levels of ambient noise.

The 3.5 inch screen is an AMOLED design (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode). This is essential in a phone with a clear internet based appeal, providing both Wi-Fi and 3G to ensure seamless, high speed web access almost anywhere.

Heavily promoted by networks which in the UK include T-mobile, o2 and Vodafone, the C7 is available free on a contract basis.

Advantages: Sturdy stainless steel construction, much improved Symbian 3 software is slick and versatile, superb 3.5 inch AMOLED screen

Disadvantages: Although the Symbian 3 software is much improved it still has a way to go in terms of catching up with close mobile rivals such as Apple’s iOS or Google Android, that shiny surface is a bit of a magnet for fingerprints!

The C7 is yet another useful option in the Nokia range, Nokia has made the point (very publicly) that they feel customers want choice and a one phone suits all approach is not optimal (obviously a direct reference to the Apple iPhone!). A mid range handset with a strong bias towards internet users and in particular social networking. Has much to commend it, with very little negatives. The only downside really is the Symbian operating system is not quite a match to the current market leaders, but it’s not far behind and in normal everyday use most users would not feel short changed.

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