HTC Incredible S Review

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The HTC Incredible S is the latest Android equipped mobile phone from the popular Taiwanese brand. Given the previous success of the Samsung Galaxy S and a range of forthcoming mobile phones with a 4-inch screen hitting the UK (like the LG Optimus 2X) it’s easy to see why HTC is bringing the Incredible handset to the UK (after a highly successful début in the USA).

In appearance the HTC Incredible S strangely resembles the Motorola Defy rather than other HTC models, the rugged appearance of the handset is a welcome change however, especially when compared to the more conventional slick styling of more conventional mobile phones like the Galaxy S which are slowly becoming generic despite being highly original at launch. The HTC Incredible S chassis is encased in a practical plastic that actually looks and feels like rubber. Somehow, HTC have managed to make a mobile phone that looks slim, but feels quite chunky in the hand and is easy to grip and hold.

This rugged outdoor appearance doesn’t mean the Incredible S is unattractive, far from it. The four inch stunning Super LCD screen fits well with the black exterior with the four touch sensitive Android navigation keys (Home, Menu, Back and Search). Unlike some touch sensitive keys, the HTC keys are tactile and although there is no actual click as such, there is a nice tactile buzz.

There is no physical dedicated camera key but the excellent 8 megapixel camera is easy to use and takes brilliant photographs courtesy of rather large camera sensor on the back of the handset. Strangely there is a dock connector fitted but no dock currently available (although HTC say they have one in the pipeline but no time scale is available).

The HTC Incredible S does everything pretty well and nothing too badly. It is particularly great when browsing the web or viewing videos or photographs on that amazing Super LCD screen. Movies also sound great with virtual surround sound via SRS WOW HD.
The HTC Incredible S is likely to be hugely popular in the UK. With the slick HTC Sense user interface, fantastic 8 megapixel camera, huge, high quality screen and that great feeling chassis. Particularly when you consider the HTC Incredible S retail price places it right in the mid-range market. The only downside is the large screen isn’t great in direct sunlight and some may not like the rugged appearance.

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