HTC Wildfire S review

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Marketed by HTC as the smartphone for those on a tight budget, or the low cost version of the HTC Desire. The HTC Wildfire however, doesn’t skimp on specification. This budget priced touch screen handset runs the Android 2.1 operating system with the neat HTC Sense user interface and comes with the same processing power as the HTC Hero. The 3.2 inch QVGA capacitive screen works well with the optical trackpad work for easy navigation and the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash is one of the best. The social networking integration is awesome on the Wildfire, with facebook integrated into everything from calendar and home screens through to caller ID.

In appearance terms the HTC wildfire looks a lot like a compact version of the HTC Desire, but although the Wildfire is small, its not tiny like the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini for instance, but at just 118g in weight the Wildfire is usefully compact. Despite the small size, the HTC Wildfire looks grown-up (unlike the children’s toy looks of its predecessor, the HTC Tattoo) , feels solid to hold and is available in a range of classy colour schemes.

The screen on the HTC Wildfire is 3.2 inches, smaller than the largest most expensive smart phones but larger than many competitors with none of the problems associated with capacitive touch screens such as difficult icon selection – in this format 3.2 inches seems to be a good compromise between size and usability. goodness. However if you’re used to a smartphone with a larger screen you may be slightly disappointed.

The HTC Wildfire is simply a budget phone that doesn’t look cheap, featuring a slick and fast web browser (with Flash content) an excellent camera with LED flash, responsive capacitive touch screen and all the best of HTC Sense with particularly brilliant social network integration. The only real downsides for the attractive pricing are that the screen is perhaps a little small for watching videos and the media player, while good, is not brilliant. Not a lot of downside really considering the low price for a budget version of the brilliant HTC Desire which is almost as good! You can get the HTC Wildfire free on a contract for around £10 per month – try doing that with an HTC Desire or any of its main competitors! The Wildfire offers much of the top of the range smartphone performance, for a fraction of the price so is likely to be a big seller in the UK this year.

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