INQ Cloud Touch Review

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The INQ Cloud Touch is the latest innovation from the small UK company who are responsible for much of the current mobile social experience which most mobile manufacturers are now adopting. of course nowadays there is no shortage of handsets with some sort of social integration, but INQ were the first and are now looking to innovate again with their latest take on the social mobile experience again with their “Facebook phone”.

The Cloud Touch comes in a choice of two colours, white/black and red, other reviewers have mentioned the “Starwars analogy where the curves and contrasting black and white colour schemes remind many of the “Imperial Stormtroopers”! The red colour option is not a subtle red either, its a “look at me” Ferrari red – the INQ Cloud Touch is designed to be noticed.

Although the INQ Cloud Touch has a plastic finish but feels sturdy and well made, however not quite up to the HTC Wildfire S is terms of percieved quality. It is an affordable mobile device at the end of the day which is designed to look cool and offer good functionality and features, and in this regard it offers much to recommend it.

Its larger than many more expensive rivals at 114 x 62 x 13.1mm with bold controls across the bottom of the screen, but many will, consider this a good thing and find that some of the ultra compact smartphones are simply too fiddly to use! The 3.5-inch display is generous for an affordable handset (most competitors in this price range only offer 3.2 inch devices or less). The resolution and pixel density of the 480 x 320 display could be better, but is perfectly usable and concurrent with the pricing. In a similar vein, the 600MHz Qualcomm processor is hardly state of the art either. However the same processor finds it’s way into many decent mobile devices such as the HTC Salsa and ChaCha phones that also offer Facebook functionality, and even the Samsung Galaxy Mini and Ace. So this processor may not be the latest or the fastest, but it is well proven.

basically the INQ Cloud Touch is an affordable smartphone with all the main features you would expect, but with a few compromises to keep the pricing reasonable, such as the aforementioned processor, screen size and resolution, and a rather basic 5 megapixel camera. However the ace uop the sleeve of the Cloud Touch is the Facebook functionality, possibly the most advanced Facebook integration on any mobile device seen so far. All the main Facebook features get their own dedicated widget(News, People, Events, Notifications and Places). In addition, INQ also have shortcuts for Facebook Chat, Friends, Messages, News Feed, Notifications, Photos and Profile built into the app menu and on the customisable homescreen bar. This means that you can easily access any of the Facebook mobile features directly.

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