Affordable Mobiles – Mobile Phone Shop Review

Affordable Mobiles is another online retailer which is part of Shebang Distribution Ltd (one of the biggest independent suppliers of mobiles in the UK). The affordable mobiles brand utilises theĀ  experience and distribution network of Shebang Ltd to offer a wide our range of fantastic mobile phone handsets and other associated products.

the Affordable Mobiles website is split into five different categories. Pay monthly, pay-as-you-go, Sim free, accessories and broadband. The Pay monthly section on the website is dominated by a search form allowing you to input manufacturer, model, preferred mobile network, length of contract, monthly line rental and preferred gifts to find that perfect pay monthly mobile for you.
Currently the web site features over 129226 pay monthly mobile deals.

The pay as you go section on the site, like the pay monthly section, consists of a search form allowing you to choose the manufacturer, model, network and price range of your pay-as-you-go mobile phone. Currently there are around 59 different pay as you go handsets available from the affordable mobiles website.

Once again the Sim free section on the website allows you to search by manufacturer, model and a strange for a Sim only Deal’s. There are currently 84 Sim only products on the affordable mobiles sites.

The accessories section on the site has a weight range of mobile phone related products in the following categories; batteries, Bluetooth products, car chargers, car kits, cases, Memory and storage products, GPS products, hands-free products, mains chargers, screen guards, and Universal products such as leather cases, USB chargers and reusable portable mobile phone chargers. With an accessories range of over 987 different products including original products from Nokia, NEC and Motorola. In particular their range of Crystal cases are very popular with consumers right now to give your all new mobile the maximum protection against scratches, dents and scuffs.

The mobile broadband connection offers Internet access on the move, with no need for a telephone line or even to be in a WiFi area. Mobile broadband access is provided using a USB modem with your laptop or PC. Affordable Mobiles offers pay monthly contract mobile broadband, pay-as-you-go mobile broadband deals and also monthly mobile contracts for laptops and broadband.

Next day working delivery is free with all mobile handsets (unless specifically stated otherwise). As long as your order is received prior to 2:30 PM it will be dispatched the next working day. Electronic products such as ringtones and logo’s will be sent via text message but can take up to 24 hours depending on the network.

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