Carphone Warehouse Review

The Carphone Warehouse website has a very modern, web 2.0 look. The main page of the sites showcases all the best current mobile phone deals and usually features both pay monthly and pay-as-you-go offers (many mobile phone retailers tend to concentrate almost completely on the monthly contracts and bury Pay-as-you-go offers deep within the sites). The Carphone Warehouse is Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and associated services with over 2400 retail outlets spread across nine different countries. Carphone Warehouse group companies includes Talktalk, the Phone House, Opal, the Geek squad, and Best Buy Europe.

Carphone Warehouse offers deals and handsets from the following networks, 3, Vodafone, O2, Orange, T Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Talk mobile. The Carphone Warehouse are in the unique position of being able to offer an upgrade on any network on any mobile phone. They probably have more new and exclusive mobile handsets and anyone else in the business. The benefits for upgrading customers include keeping your number, getting a brand-new mobile phone, and no credit checks or deposits required.

The Carphone Warehouse also offers home and mobile broadband deals with home broadband ranging from free (free broadband with any orange pay monthly contract), up to £10 per month. There are some amazing mobile broadband bundle offers available to Carphone Warehouse customers including free laptops complete with mobile broadband access from just £15 per month! Pay monthly customers can also receive mobile broadband access through a USB dongle from just £10 per month for 1 Gb bandwidth and up to 3.6 Mb download speeds.

In the pay monthly section of the website you can view all phones, review phones by tariffs or by manufacturer. Ther are also separates sections for, upgrades, Sim cards, mobile services and a separate compare phones sections. Once you select a phone to get more information, the display details are much the same as the site (hardly surprising as are part of the Carphone Warehouse group!). The Carphone Warehouse group shares the same failings in terms of no full in depth phone reviews, they simply rely on customer submitted reviews which clearly vary greatly in terms of both length and quality.

In addition to mobile phones and services, the Carphone Warehouse have a fairly extensive music and TV section. Featuring iPods and accessories, speakers, headphones, TVs and gaming.

The Carphone Warehouse also offer the Geek squad service! Geek squad started back in the USA in 1994, and today over 17,000 Geek squad agents take technological care of the technology in homes worldwide. Now here in the UK, courtesy of the Carphone Warehouse to look after people and their technology. Round-the-clock mobile technology support and protection services are offered for just £3.99 per month, with similar protection on mobile phones offered at just £3.99 per month.

The Carphone Warehouse make a big deal of the corporate social responsibility and for every mobile phone handset received by the Carphone Warehouse for recycling, the Carphone Warehouse will donate £10 which is equally split between Get Connected (a free, confidential telephone and email helpline finding young people help with any issue.) and the CPW foundation (The Carphone Warehouse Foundation) which provides grants to small charity groups.

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