E2Save Mobile Shop Review

e2save are part of the Carphone warehouse group. This means they can offer an incredible choice of handsets and an unrivalled range of phone tariffs across every major network. Some of the deals are exclusive and cannot be obtained outside the Carphone Warehouse group. The sheer buying power of the Carphone group means that you will rarely find a cheaper offer elsewhere.

The e2save website is stunning to look at with crisp graphics and a modern layout. The site is divided into several different sections. Featuring the Deal Creator, pay monthly phones, pay-as-you-go phones, clearance phones, accessories, upgrades, Sim only, mobile broadband and business mobile offers.

A monthly pay phones section features handsets from all four networks and from phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, HTC and Motorola. In this section you will also find a list of the top 10 most popular monthly mobile phones updated automatically in real-time.

The pay-as-you-go phones section on the bedside as handsets from the same manufacturer’s and the same networks, the only difference with this section is that obviously these phones are designed as pay-as-you-go units with no monthly contracts.

The clearance phones section features all the phones, both monthly pay and pay-as-you-go, that are on clearance sales. The accessory section has a range of Bluetooth headsets, car chargers and batteries, memory cards and other in car products.

Upgrades via the e2save website are possible up to 2 months prior to the end of your existing Orange or O2 contract, one months before the end of your T Mobile, O2 direct or Three contract. You can keep your old number with your new handsets and also change the tariff at the point of sale. It’s quick and easy and you can get one of the latest phones from the massive range on the websites simply buying online or even calling one of the e2save experts free. You can even enter your mobile number online and one of the e2save consultants will call you back directly.

e2save are currently running a promotion where if you recommend five of your friends you will receive up to £20 in cash for each successful applicant that purchases pay monthly handset, the more people you recommend the more money you can make.

e2save also run our newsletter with a free sign-up. You can heed about all the latest mobile gadgets and wireless products and also qualified for some unbeatable special offers.

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