Motorola Atrix Review

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The Motorola Atrix was voted number one in the T3 “Hot 100 Gadgets” of 2011, ahead of even the mighty Apple iPad, a number of Google tablets and a various state of the art laptops and consoles. The Atrix runs smooth and slick courtesy of the fast dual-core processor and is capable of doing many things at once in an effortless way that would have been unthinkable until recent technological advances. The whole reasoning of the Motorola Atrix is to challenge the distinctions between mobile phones and computers.

An Atrix, using the Lapdock accessory, allows you to use the keyboard and screen of a laptop which makes the Atrix an irresistible gadget – if you like that sort of thing! Many mobile phone manufacturers have repeatedly stated that modern smartphones are becoming as good as computers, however Motorola is the first to really put it to the test with the Atrix. The Atrix, using a variety of “docks” can convert into a media centre, notebook, SatNav or even bedside alarm clock.

The appearance of the Atrix at first glance, is reminiscent of the Motorola Defy handset, but on closer inspection the inclusion of a fingerprint reader on the top of the phone sets it apart (it also serves as the power on/off button). This reader gives the option of unlocking the phone with a fingerprint swipe as opposed to a password). You can set up the Atrix with your fingerprint by swiping your left and right index fingers over it. Once set up the phone will deny access to all other users.

The screen on the Atrix (qHD) is a unique 540×960 pixel resolution 4 inch touchscreen with a quality to rival the iPhone 4 and is sharper and clearer than competitors like the Google Nexus One, for example. This resolution and sharpnes is especially noticeable when web browsing which is effortless with the Atrix even though not quite on par with the iPhone 4′s browser. The Motorola Atrix ships with a host of accessories including a Bluetooth keyboard and remote, laptop dock, charging dock, multimedia dock and mouse.

In summary the Motorola Atrix is a powerful and responsive handset with a sleek and innovative laptop docking arrangement, excellent high resolution screen and neat Motoblur widgets. Currently running Android 2.2 Froyo operating system although Motorola have announced that an update to the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is planned to be released shortly. The only real drawback to the Atrix is that it may be a confusing concept for some with the bewildering array of accessories and options.

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