Samsung Galaxy Ace review

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If you imagine a Samsung Galaxy S 2 that’s been cut in half, essentially that’s the Samsung Galaxy Ace! The Korean company Samsung has created a compact, stylish smart phone that also looks an awful lot like the iPhone 4. The Samsung Ace is already in stores and selling well. The Ace borrows from the simple but sophisticated image that defines handsets such as the iPhone, with its smooth glossy front and a grippy back cover. The 3.5 inch screen and squarish casing definitely looks similar to the iPhone 4, but only superficially as the chassis on the Samsung Galaxy Ace is mostly plastic rather than the metal of the Apple product. Despite that the Ace still feels solid and high quality but is surprisingly light at just 113g.

The 320×480 pixel screen isn’t as sharp as on more expensive smart phones, but it’s quick, responsive and very usable. Small text on web pages can be difficult to read but zooming in and out is quick and intuitive, in no small way thanks to multi touch support. The screen is a simple LCD type, not the AMOLED type Samsung is becoming more well known for. Never the less, this screen looks bright and sharp even under bright lights. One advantage of a small screen is increased battery life, the Galaxy Ace battery lasts a couple of days easily between charges even with heavy use calls, WiFi and GPS all running!

The power of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is the Google mobile software operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo. It’s not actually the latest version with phones running version 2.3.3 available in shops already. But this 2.2 version still has all the best features of the Android operating system in a well proven version, so most probably wont miss the extra features available on the newer versions.

The Android web browser featured on the Galaxy Ace is fantastic, is playing pages in the same way as they would look on a desktop PC or laptop. Unfortunately, the Ace doesn’t support Flash, but at least there’s a YouTube app to get your videos(but the BBC iPlayer is currently not supported at all). Despite the lack of Flash, there are plenty of features to enjoy. Portable hotspots for sharing your 3G data connection with your laptop and other devices over Wi-Fi. Tons of programs and games from the Android Market, 7.2Mbps HSDPA for fast downloads over 3G and Samsung Apps and a 5-mega pixel camera.

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