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Samsung Tocco Lite – full review of budget Smartphone

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The Samsung Tocco Lite is marketed as the touch screen phone for the masses! Cheap contracts and competitive prices on pay-as-you-go, make the Samsung Tocco Lite an attractive buying proposition for those that want all the goodies associated with touch screen smart-phones, without the normal high price tag!

The first thing you notice about the Tocco Lite is the large screen, essentially the phone is one big screen with no keypad. This 3 inch screen is exceedingly bright, with sharp colours and contrast, although it has to be said it’s no match for the current class leaders with AMOLED screens such as the Samsung Galaxy S, the Omnia 7, Google Nexus One, Samsung Wave and HTC Desire. The Samsung Tocco Lite uses an older technology, the resistive touch-screen. However, in this application the screen is responsive to use and the quality is surprisingly good. There is also a built-in accelerometer which automatically rotates the screen to switch between portrait and landscape viewing mode.

For the price, the Tocco Lite is packed with features, there’s a 3.2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and basic camcorder, a music player, FM radio with RDS support, memory is expandable to 16GB using microSD card. Bluetooth and USB capabilities, 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, handwriting recognition, Quadband GSM and hands free speakerphone. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi nor 3G, it relies completely on GRPS – well you cant get everything for this competitive price! The real downside to this phone is the data speed, You-tube videos for instance are slow and often suffer pixelation due to high compression necessary to compensate for low bandwidth. But for a budget phone in this price range, this would seem to be a reasonable compromise. That being said, the Tocco Lite is perfectly fine for moderate internet use and when using email, Twitter or Facebook there were no problems at all. Available on T-mobile, o2, Orange and Vodafone.

Responsive, vivid and bright touch-screen, short cuts to popular social-networking sites, long battery life (for a touchscreen smart phone) and expendable memory up to 16Gb, offers a lot of phone for very little cash!

Disadvantages: No 3G connectivity means slow uploading and naff video streaming, No headphone adaptor for proprietary headphone jack, lacks the superior AMOLED screen of more expensive competitors, essentially an updated version of the LG Cookie, but very little in the way of advantages over the older model, should be more improvements for the price increase over the LG Cookie.

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