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Sony Ericsson Zylo Full Review and Latest Deals

Category : Mobile Phones, Sony Ericsson

The Sony Ericsson Zylo is a slider handset with an emphasis on music/entertainment (it carries the Walkman branding) At just 103mm x 52mm x 16mm, its a neat handset and features a curvy design which is comfortable to hold and easily fits in pockets.

The slider part of the handset opens to reveal a 12 key keyboard and the front of the phone is dominated by a 2.6 inch display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution. This display is no match for some of the high end smartphones available but is perfectly functional and suits the standard Sony Ericsson menu/navigation system quite well.

Music playback is well catered for, as you would imagine from a mobile phone which is part of the illustrious Walkman family. However there is one really annoying feature, or rather lack of a feature – no 3.5mm headphone socket! This means you will not be able to plug in your favourite headphones (unless of course they are Sony Ericsson headphones!). This glaring omission aside, music fans will love the Sony Ericsson Zylo, with FLAC (for lossless audio), great external speaker, thumping bass, clear audio, and dedicated music controls all presented through the excellent Sony Xross Media Browser. The internal memory of 260MB is adequate, but most users will make use of the microSD card slot to expand storage for music and other content up to 16Gb. You can make full use of this memory buy accessing the Sony Ericsson PlayNow service where tons of content is offered for download. Using the 3G HSDPA downloading is fast, however many users will prefer to shop around and download content using their PC/laptop and transfer files to memory card.

The internet browser provided is adequate with good social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace ) and there is also an FM radio with TrackID, Google Maps and geo-tagging (although no GPS), messaging (with Sony predictive text), and a a 3.2-megapixel camera (including video recording).

Advantages: good external speaker, bluetooth, excellent music player (once headphones upgraded), easy to use with simple Sony Ericsson interface, large icons and intuitive menu’s. FM radio with TrackID. Good deals on T-mobile, Vodafone and o2

Disadvantages: no 3.5mm headphones jack/poor earphones supplied in retail pack, this limits you to Sony Ericsson headsets. This is a major pain for a Walkman branded phone! However there is A2DP Bluetooth so you can use wireless Bluetooth headphones if you have them. Basic display/screen, No Wi-Fi or GPS, no USB port, Playnow download service a bit pricey for content, many cheaper alternatives

Find the cheapest deals and tariffs on the Sony Ericsson Zylo from T-mobile, o2 and Vodafone ow!