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Alcatel OT-880 white Mobile Phone Review

Category : Alcatel, Mobile Phones

The Alcatel OT-880 white is a tiny touchscreen mobile with a pull out Qwerty keyboard. It’s looks are a little unconventional, with some loving the futuristic design while others think it looks like a prop from a science fiction movie! Its not the slimmest handset (thanks to qwery keyboard) at 17mm, but will still fit into most pockets with ease. Despite the chunky size, this phone can feel somewhat flimsy to hold, it has a cheap and flimsy feeling about it – but then again, it is really cheap!

The 2.5 inch display is a little disappointing. A TFT (resistive) design, with a resolution of 240×320 pixels which is pretty basic nowadays. The graphics can look slightly blurry, certainly not as sharp as class leaders. However the display itself is set quite far back from the surface of the phone so should remain reasonably scratch free over time. This combination of small screen and less than sharp graphics can lead to a lot of mistakes during icon selections, care is needed when using this touchscreen which can test your patience. Luckily the interface itself is simple to navigate.

The pull-out Qwerty keyboard is reasonable, with nice wide spaces between the keys for faster selections, and a good space bar that’s clearly separated from the rest of the keys, which is great for fast texting or emailing.

There’s a basic 2 megapixel camera included on the OT-880. However, “basic” is perhaps being kind in this instance as the photo software is so slow with huge delays that you basically end up taking pictures of what you were looking at a few seconds ago – fine for still images but annoying for everything else. The camcorder function is no better unfortunately.

The Alcatel OT-880 white does have full 3G connectivity however. So web browsing or social networking is relatively quick. There’s no Wi-Fi support so you will be limited to your mobile internet service and the associated tariffs.

Advantages: Simple and intuitive interface, easy to navigate, 3G connectivity, really cheap to buy on pay as you go or on contract deals.

Disadvantages: General perception of flimsiness and poor build quality, crappy camera/camcorder, no WiFi.

Disappointing in a number of ways, however the Alcatel OT-880 white is incredibly cheap – less than a fiver on some contracts, T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone– so you cant really expect this to perform like a top of the range flagship phone, for the money, its easy to recommend.

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