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Samsung S3030 Tobi - Mobile Phone for Children

The Samsung S3030 Tobi is a compact and trendy phone obviously targeted at the teen or even pre-teen markets with low costs and built in safety features. The Samsung Tobi is a “candy bar” type phone available in sweet pink, oasis blue, loyal blue, bright orange, apple green, and snow silver. The Tobi has a 1.9 inch TFT screen displaying up to 65k colours with a screen resolution of 144 pixels x 176 pixels, weighs just 85g and with dimensions of 94.7mm x 45.4mm x 17.5mm is compact and easy for kids to handle. Tyhe Tobi has a transparent back cover which allows users to insert their favourite photos to personalise the phone.

The Tobi mobile phone comes with a built-in music player to provide mobile entertainment, supporting all main music file formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC. There is a 15Mb music storage feature to hold all your favourite tunes as well as Polyphonic and mp3 ring-tones and with MicroSD memory card slot this can be upgraded to 8 gigabytes. This should be more than enough space for users pictures, music and downloads.

The Tobi has a built-in 1.3 mega-pixel camera which allows users to take and manage photographs and in addition will allow them to record video footage in MPEG4 video format. The performance of these features can best be described as basic. However, bear in mind this was never designed to be a high-spec, top of the range phone, it’s a phone for kids with all the basic features they need. The Tobi has a decent selection of games pre-loaded onto the phone and more can be accessed and downloaded from the SAMSUNG Fun Club site. Internet browsing is supported with WAP 2.0 and XHTML technologies and the Tobi is tri-band so can be used throughout Europe when on holiday. Connectivity to other devices is via Bluetooth or USB. Another useful feature, especially for a younger audience, is no cost Bluetooth messaging. This allows users to mesage friends via Bluetooth to keep costs down.

Perhaps the best features - from the parents point of view - are the SOS facilities. The Tobi allows user to preconfigure SOS messages and calls. By pressing the SOS hot key a predetermined distress call is activated and by pressing the volume key 4 times quickly an SOS text message is delivered to up to 4 emergency contacts. Additionally there is a fake call feature which can be used in uncomfortable situations so children can pretend they have to go and answer a call.

fake call feature
SOS messages
SOS calls
15Mb music storage
Tranpsparent rear cover

Camera and video recorder offer very basic performance
No Wi-Fi
Only tri-band (most new phones are Quad-band)

The Samsung S3030 Tobi mobile is a cool phone with some great features for kids. Technologies are not exactly cutting edge but for young consumers offers access to internet services, music, camera and tri-band GPRS calls. Factor in low price and the excellent safety features and this becomes an appealling handset for children.

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