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Samsung Nexus S Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Samsung

The first mobile phone to the ship with the latest Google Android 2.3 operating system (aka “Gingerbread”) and the successor to the Google Nexus One, the Samsung Nexus S is a joint effort from Samsung and Google. The hardware is similar to the Google Nexus One with essentially the same 5 megapixel camera and 1 Ghz processor specification, but there are some improvements. The Samsung Nexus S has an NFC chip built into it for instance. Basically, the NFC chip can enable your phone to be used as a credit card.

The glossy, black chassis of the Nexus S is also more attractive and slightly larger than its predecessor. Measuring 124mm x64mm x11mm, the phone is a bit lighter than the Nexus One, weighing just 128g. The first feature that grabs your attention is the amazing 4 inch Super AMOLED display. This “Contour Display” with subtle curves allows the to handset to fit more comfortably next to your face.

The Android “Gingerbread” update isn’t a huge isn’t a huge leap forward, but there are some really useful enhancements. One of the best features is the the improved virtual keyboard. in addition there are also improvements to the camera support and an overall upgrade in performance. The pack of Google applications included run seamlessly with this latest Android software, the apps include – Gmail, Places, Latitude, YouTube, Google Maps with Navigation, Search (with voice control), Car Home, Google Talk, and Google Voice. Video playback is smooth and looks fantastic on the large Super AMOLED display even in bright, outdoor sunlight. The touchscreen is large enough to make watching your favourite TV shows and movies enjoyable – unlike some other phones on the market! Surfing multimedia websites and switching between applications is also fluid and smooth with no glitches.

The Samsung Nexus S has a the same 5 megapixel camera with flash as the Google Nexus One. The camera quality is good, but not best in class. The Android update now allows multiple camera support, so the Nexus S features a front-facing camera for video calling. Video quality is pretty good and you can shoot video with a resolution as high as 720×480 pixels at 30 fps.

Advantages: The display is gorgeous with sharp, vibrant colours even in bright sunlight, latest version of Google Android 2.3 (‘Gingerbread) has some great features and upgrades, call quality is excellent, lots of free Google applications pre-loaded, fast processor, great video recording and playback quality and at last video calling capabilities.

Disadvantages: No microSD card slot and capped at 16GB of internal memory with no 32GB model available, camera quality is good but not brilliant.

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