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Samsung F480 Tocco Mobile Phone Review

The new Samsung F480 Tocco seems to be yet another mobile phone inspired by the all conquering Apple iPhone! Clearly, Samsung have made style a priority with this mobile as they - probably rightly - believe the style and looks of the iPhone are a major attraction to mobile phone consumers, more important than the features and capabilities for some. The word “Tocco” is Italian for “Touch” so perhaps there is more than a little Italian design flair going on.

The Samsung F480 Tocco is one of the most compact handsets around, measuring an astonishing 95.9 x 55 x 11.5mm and with the same credit card shape as the outgoing Samsung Armani model. The metallic inserts on the covers give this mobile an expensive, quality feel and the Tocco is a pleasant phone to hold.

The 2.8″ 262K colours, LCD touchscreen (240 pixels x 320 pixels) interface dominates the front of the Tocco, leaving room for just 3 keys beneath it (call, call end and confirmation keys ). This LCD has (according to Samsung) a “TouchWiz User Interface” – essentially users can customise menus and screens by dragging and dropping items from a “dock” in much the same way as the iPhone.

Browsing and downloading is fast thanks to HSDPA support at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and the screen is user friendly and clear for displaying web pages, with integrated support for Google Search and Gmail making email and surfing a breeze.

A 5 Megapixel camera is a useful feature on the Samsung F480 Tocco and the pictures look stunning on the wide screen. Video recording is provided using MPEG4/3GPP formats and there is also an additional front facing camera for making video calls to other 3G users. With 232Mb of internal memory the Tocco is good to go right out of the box, however, you can upgrade using an 8Gb microSD card if you need a lot of storage.

The music player is top notch with MP3, AMR-NB, I-Melody, SMAF, XMF, MIDI, SP MIDI, AAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+ and WMA music files supported and all the usual functionality in terms of storing, sorting and organising tracks, along with shuffle, repeat and rating options. The Tocco also gives you the ability to fast forward tracks or skip to the next track simply by dragging your thumb across the screen.

Talk time is rather low compared to rivals with just 3 hours from a full charge, however standby time of 250 hours is reasonable.

5 Megapixel camera
Compact size
Support for Google Search and Gmail
Stylish looks
Good sized screen
Fantastic touch screen software
3.5mm headphone jack
Applications included (Calendar, To do list, Clock, World time, Alarm, Currency converter, Calculator,
Memo book, Stop watch and Count down timer )

No Wi-Fi
No predictive text
Screen prone to fingerprint smudges
No accelerometer (so no automatic switching to wide screen mode by turning phone around)
No TV-Output

An outstanding phone, the looks alone will be reason enough for many to purchase and who can blame them – it’s gorgeous!

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