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Sony Ericsson Cedar Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, Sony Ericsson

Like the Elm and Hazel before it, the Sony Ericsson Cedar is part of Sony Ericsson’s environmentally friendly GreenHeart range. This means the Cedar is made from (and packaged in) mainly recycled materials, therefore the Sony Ericsson Cedar is the perfect mobile for users with eco-morals. Despite being made from predominately recycled materials, the Cedar is one of Sony Ericsson’s most attractive handsets, with a sharp two-tone colour scheme and elegant, ridged keypad.

The Sony Ericsson Cedar is a lightweight handset, weighing just 84g, so will fit into your pocket with ease. Despite this lightness and compact size, the Cedar has 280MB of memory storage available which will allow a generous amount of photographs, videos and music to be saved. This internal memory can also be upgraded if required via a microSD card up to 16GB.

The Cedar also has some (well deserved) multimedia aspirations, the media player is well above average thanks to Sony Ericsson’s excellent Walkman range of music phones and the presence of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack (which means you to use your own favourite set of headphones to listen to music).

The 2 megapixel camera fitted to the Cedar takes decent photographs and has video recording capability. Not marketed as a smartphone, the Sony Ericsson Cedar never the less offers limited connectivity to social websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Picasa, Flickr and Twitter. The 3G connectivity makes connecting to these social networks, and surfing the web in general, much quicker than browsing via standard GPRS connection. Video calling is supported but without an additional front facing camera, this effectively means video calls will be one sided with only a static picture being presented to the other caller – but at least it is possible!

Compared to the previous phones in the GreenHeart range (Elm and Hazel), the Cedar boasts a nicer design, better functionality and a much more user friendly and pleasing interface. As a low cost, easy to use phone, packed with useful features and of course those “Greenheart” credentials, the Cedar is destined to be a winner, especially with environmentally friendly consumers.

Advantages: Nice design, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity for fast web browsing, standard 3.5mm headphone jack, great music player utilising the Sony Ericsson Walkman experience, easy to use interface with handy home screen widgets, environmental credentials.

Disadvantages: Basic camera with no LED flash, Twitter widget is not the easiest to use, video calling is one sided with no front facing camera!

Available now on Orange and Vodafone contracts –
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