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HTC 7 Trophy Full Review

Category : HTC, Mobile Phones

The HTC 7 Trophy is a reassuringly solid handset with a high quality feel, yet somehow managing to be slim and compact at the same time! At 140g and measuring just 62mm x 119mm x 12mm, the Trophy will easily fit into any pocket. This handset even looks expensive with brushed aluminium and chrome casing. The display is large at 3.8 inches (although obviously not as large as the HTC Desire HD) and has good resolution and sharp graphics courtesy of the new Windows 7mobile operating system. As already noted in other HTC mobile reviews, this latest version of the Windows mobile OS is light years ahead of previous Windows mobile system. Offering sharp graphics, intuitive and simple interface, slick operation and fast transitions. In fact the only downside to having a Windows 7 powered phone right now is the lack of apps available for downloading, although this will obviously improve over time.

It has to be said that all Windows 7 phones are very similar, this is no doubt due to the minimum spec requirements laid down by Microsoft to ensure consistent Windows 7 experience across all manufacturers hardware. All windows 7 phones for instance, have (as a minimum) touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, FM radio, accelerometer, 1Ghz processor, the same three control keys under screen etc. Once you have used a Windows 7 handset you will certainly have no problems switching models at a later date (much like changing PC/laptop model, the user experience remains basically the same).

The camera is worth noting as at first sounds pretty basic with just a 5 megapixel sensor, however in practice it actually takes nice, clear photos with the included LED flash and the camera software is simple to get to grips with. There is a video recording feature as well which is actually pretty basic but does record decent smooth footage and is not bogged down with endless options which are rarely used.

Advantages: Good display with sharp contrast and vibrant colours, Windows 7 operating system is lightening fast and very slick, decent 5 megapixel camera, feels solid and well made.

Disadvantages: Very similar indeed to other Windows Phone 7 mobiles with nothing to really make this handset stand out from the crowd, not many apps available to download for Windows 7 yet.

The HTC 7 Trophy is a great mobile phone featuring the new Windows Phone 7 operating system. But, remember to check out the other Windows Phone 7 phones that are currently available. The Windows 7 based phones are so similar that it really comes down to a choice of screen size or camera specification within your budget. Available now on T-mobile, o2, Orange and Vodafone

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