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Full review on the HTC Desire white

Category : HTC, Mobile Phones

A potentially class winning mobile phone featuring a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7inch OLED screen and the latest Android 2.1 Operating system. The HTC Desire white is very similar to the Google Nexus One and has its sights firmly set on the Apple iPhone. With HTC Sense overlaying the latest Android OS and a huge range of features allied to a sleek design – it may well be the better mobile phone, lets take a look at some of the HTC Desire features in more detail.

The Desire has a 5 megapixel camera which takes decent photographs in good lighting and reasonable snaps in the dark with the LED light (LED lit photos can be a bit harsh but this criticism is shared by all LED flash cameras). Video recording is also impressive even in low light conditions. Viewing images and videos is a joy on the stunning AMOLED screen with 480×800 pixel resolution but there are occasions in bright sunlight when the display can be hard to read (not a major problem in the UK!). One particular area where the HTC Desire easily beats the iPhone is watching streaming video while browsing web sites, the iPhone still does not support Flash whereas the Desire fully supports Flash 10 along with 3GP, 3G2, MP4 and WMV video file formats. The microSD card slot can be used for storage up to 32GB and with high speed connectivity using 3G or on board WiFi downloading movies and music is fast and easy.

The Desire’s integrated web browser is one of the best on the market, super fast, and easy to use. The large screen also makes it more enjoyable surfing the web with some neat resizing features such as multi-touch zoom capability making it easy to view all types of web content. Once again
the Desire beats Apple’s phone in almost every area of internet browsing. The HTC Desire white uses an optical trackpad that registers finger motion over the sensor, rather than the trackball featured on the Nexus One, this is a much more responsive option and looks neater too.

Social networking is well taken care of with the fabulous Sense application “Friendstream” sits on the home screen and combines all your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates into one stream, simple and effective.In terms of messaging there are numerous options available such as SMS, MMS and Gmail.

Perhaps the only Achilles heel of this handset is the decision by HTC to fit a 1400mAh battery, this small capacity battery means you’ll probably need to charge the Desire every day.

Advantages: Fast internet browser with Flash support, Friendstream to integrate your updates and contacts across social networks, superb HTC Sense interface and Android OS, inbuilt hands-free kit supplied with headphones and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Disadvantages: some still feel Android OS is a little “geeky”, poor battery life, AMOLED screen can be hard to see in bright sunlight.

There is no doubt the HTC Desire is one of the best phones of all time. Significantly cheaper than the iPhone, but matching or beating the iPhone in all areas.

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