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HTC Desire Z Full Review and Comparison

Category : HTC, Mobile Phones

The HTC Desire Z, part of the new Android range from HTC, is designed to offer the best of the latest Android operating system, along with the excellent HTC “Sense” interface and a full qwerty keyboard. The first thing users will notice about the HTC Desire Z is the size, it’s considerably bulkier than most smartphones due to the large screen and qwerty keyboard hinged underneath. At 60mm by 119mm by 14mm, some users have described the Desire Z as a real slab of a phone! However this has probably more to do with the fact there are some incredible slim mobiles on the market, rather than the actual size of the Desire Z, it still fits in most pockets easily and is comfortable to use and hold. It certainly feels substantial with its quality machined aluminium casing.

The keyboard has a unique action, swivelling out on three individual hinges in a way reminiscent of the “Transformers” science fiction figures. Some have reservations about the durability of these hinges due to the complex mechanism, but they appear to be well made and substantial in design. The keys themselves are responsive and easy to feel with a good gap surrounding them for fast texting and a large space bar which can be accessed by either thumb.

The 3.7 inch screen is fantastic, the colour and sharpness of the display are amazing. In fact, it’s so good that you may find you do not miss the extra size offered by the Desire HD and others. This fine display is assisted by a 800MHz processor to ensure no blurring or hesitation switching between applications and screens. The performance is very close to the class leading iPhone, perhaps not quite as slick, but certainly not sluggish by any means.

The Desire Z uses the Android 2.2 operating system, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. This means you will have access to thousands of apps downloadable via the Android Market. Crucially, it also means there is support for Flash player 10, which means when it comes to watching online videos, the HTC Desire Z has a major advantage over the iPhone which currently does not support Flash 10.

Social integration is excellent using the HTC widget “Friendstream”. This widget combines Twitter, Facebook and Flickr feeds seamlessly. The service is also worthy of mention, this service allows you to track your handset via GPS and even wipe the handset remotely in case of theft or loss.

The amount of features and services available on the HTC Desire Z are breathtaking, it would be easier to list the features that are not available! In fact one of the major advantages of the Desire Z is the fact that it has managed to make all the phone’s features easily accessible and simple to navigate without confusion. All the main features like the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus, web browser (3G and Wi-Fi), and multimedia, are just a click away from the home screen. Available now on o2 and Orange.

Advantages: Amazing bright and colourful screen, high quality construction with solid aluminium casing, responsive touchscreen AND a full qwerty keyboard, integrated web browser with Flash player 10 support.

Disadvantages: A bit heavier and bulkier than most competitors, some concern over the durability of the complex hinging mechanisms on the qwerty keyboard

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