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HTC HD7 Full Review of Window’s 7 flagship phone

Category : HTC, Mobile Phones

The HTC HD7, unlike the HTC Desire Z, utilises the latest Windows Phone 7 operating system. A big departure from HTC’s popular and impressive Android phones. So far the HTC HD7 is exclusive to O2 in the UK. All the new Windows & mobiles are packed with features and high tech hardware to a similar specification including 1GHz processors, at least 8GB of memory, 5 megapixel camera sensors (minimum) and large touch screens.

The HTC HD7 has the largest touchscreen out of all the latest Windows 7 handsets at 4.3 inches. The screen on the HD7 looks so large it’s almost like a tablet device! This of course makes it a joy to use for internet browsing, watching video or playing games.

While the large screen has many advantages, one disadvantage is the size of the actual handset, the slab design and large size combine to make it awkward and sometimes uncomfortable to use, particularly during long calls. On the plus side this new Windows 7 operating system is light years ahead of Windows Mobile. This latest mobile Windows OS is so far ahead of the old system it bears no relation – this is no minor upgrade but a complete (necessary) revamp for the better. The new interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate quickly. With handy shortcuts to services like Windows Live (hotmail, office and Skydrive cloud storage for files) and there is even support for Google accounts too.

The HTC HD7 comes with Zune (basically Microsoft version of iTunes) and once Zune is installed on your computer syncing music files, videos and podcasts via USB cable is effortless. Unfortunately, unlike the HTC Desire Z, the HD7 currently does not support Flash video online, but in fairness Flash support is pretty new and hardly any mobile phones have this capability as yet. One other drawback on the web experience is that the web browser seems to be hard wired for Yahoo search only – annoying!

Advantages: Fantastic 4.3 inch screen with vibrant colours, easy and flexible user interface courtesy of Windows 7, neat Zune software, reasonably priced music store with all the latest content, responsive touchscreen, handy flip-out stand for watching videos

Disadvantages: Social networking integration and options could be better, annoying Yahoo search in the browser (though this is expected to be changed in early 2011 update), no expandable memory, battery life poor – even with moderate use expect to charge daily

The HTC HD7 is possibly the best device for the launch of Windows Phone 7, with its good looks, fantastic screen and totally revamped Windows OS which is fun and easy to use.

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