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HTC HD Mobile Phone Review

The Touch HD is a cool looking mobile in it’s sleek black casing. This HTC Touch HD is a 3G Smartphone with a large touch screen allowing the viewing of high quality images and video playback. In addition this huge screen makes the Touch HD simple to use with input selections, text, numbers and graphics all displayed neatly and clearly. This 3.8 inch WVGA flat LCD touchscreen (measured diagonally) offers 480 x 800 pixel resolution and uses the “TouchFLO” 3D user interface – an interface designed by HTC. It is used by dragging your finger up the screen and moving your finger left and right to access common tasks. HTC Corporation (formerly High Tech Computer Corporation), is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of mobile-based portable devices.

The HTC Touch HD comes with an auto rotate screen function using built-in accelerometer which provides automatic wide screen viewing. The HTC Touch HD casing measures 62.8mm x 115mm x 12mm and weighs 147 grams including the standard battery which provides 8 hours talk time and up to 440 hours on standby. The HTC Touch HD is part of the HTC Smartphone family which include other notable handsets such as the HTC Touch Diamond and the HTC G1 Google phone.

Video playback on the HTC Touch HD is high clarity and offers a superb movie type wide screen experience, with virtual cinema quality on the 3.8 inch touch screen. The Touch HD has a five megapixel digital camera with video recording function and a second camera used for two way 3G video calling.

The HTC Touch HD Smartphone isn powered by a sohisticated Qualcomm MSM processor using Windows Mobile 6.1 professional as the operating system. Built in 3G HSDPA technology offers high data speed transfers, seamless internet browsing and multitasking operations. Download speeds of up to 7.2Mb per second are achievable and the HTC Touch HD has the option of connecting to local hotspots and other WLAN’s using Wi-Fi wireless technology . A mini USB cable port and Bluetooth wireless capabilities complete the comprehensive connectivity options.

With a generous 512Mb of ROM memory capacity along with 288Mb of RAM memory, the HTC Touch HD can store lots of data in standard form, however this can be upgraded using MicroSD memory card. You can use the built in Web browser on the HTC Touch HD to access all your favourite websites and a mobile email service to keep in touch just like you use ha ome or office PC. There is also an instant messaging service along with SMS text messaging and MMS multimedia messaging. The HTC Touch HD phone also has a built in FM radio with a radio data system (RDS) and a built in music player which is controlled via the touch screen . The Touch HD handset comes with a 3.5mm audio jack which means you can use any compatible headphones. You can even get directions to destinations and view routes on satellite maps using the GPS navigation feature which includes Google maps.

Qualcomm MSM Processor with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Operating System
GPS Navigation
3G HSDPA technology
3.8 Inch 65k Colour WVGA LCD touch sensitive screen
5 Megapixel Camera
Wi-Fi connection


One of the best 3G touch screen Smartphone on the market with GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. Superb 3.8 Inch touch screen with TouchFLO 3D controls and Qualcomm processor operating on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. If you are in the market for a Smartphone this should be on your shortlist!

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HTC Touch Diamond Mobile Phone Review

The HTC Touch Diamond is a stylish 3G Smartphone with a host of communications and business features in a high gloss black casing and a 2.8 inch LCD touch screen displaying up to 65,000 colours and clear, crisp graphics. The screen utilises the HTC TouchFLO 3D system giving intuitive touch control of all applications and features. This screen also has an auto rotate function and supports handwriting recognition software. The HTC Touch Diamond weighs just 110 grams and measures 102mm x 51mm x 11.4mm, which is amazingly compact for a Smartphone packed with so many features. The Touch Diamond ships with 356Mb of ROM memory, 192 megabytes of RAM memory and a massive 4Gb of built in user memory. The HTC Touch Diamond is part of the same family of phones as the HTC Touch HD. The battery provides around 2 hours of video call time, over 5 hours of GSM talktime and up to 285 hours of standby power.

With a built in GPS system with Assisted GPS navigation, the HTC Touch Diamond can provide directions and routes to desired locations. A full HTML web browser with Google search also gives easy access to websites and online information. The HTC Touch Diamond also has a weather forecast feature, instant messaging service, email, MMS and SMS services onboard. For entertainment the HTC Touch Diamond offers full motion gaming with 3D graphics along with music and video player supporting MP3, AAC, AAC+, WAV, WMA & AMR NB formats.

Using Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, the HTC Touch Diamond has a user friendly menu system and graphical interface. Surfing the Web and downloading files are at near broadband speed thanks to the built in 3G HSDPA technology. Wi-Fi is also provided giving internet access while in local hotspots or other WLAN areas such as hotels, airports and restaurants. Data transfer between compatible devices such as PC’s or laptops is provided via Bluetooth wireless connection or a USB cable.

A built in 3.2 megapixel camera feature with auto focus offers high quality still picture capture and video recording. A second camera is provided on the front of the handset for video calling.

Wi-Fi enabled
Great 2.8 Inch 65k Colour LCD Touch Screen
TouchFLO 3D interface
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS
GPS and AGPS Navigation
3G Video Calling supported
Instant messaging client
3G HSDPA technology
Accelerometer with auto screen rotate

No camera flash

The HTC Touch Diamond (so called due to its diamond shaped casing) brings a lot to the table. Large LCD touch screen, smooth touch screen controls (TouchFLO 3D), built in Wi-Fi and 3G HSDPA, messaging services, 3G video calling and GPS navigation system. All the smartphone features in a classy looking and compact handset.

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