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Nokia 1800 with FREE Sony PS3 Slim 160GB + £15 Cash

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Get the Nokia 1800 with a Sony PS3 Slim 160GB FREE with your phone (£250 value gift!), courtesy of and T-mobile. Your Sony Playstation will arrive within 72 hours of ordering the excellent Nokia 1800 handset (available in blue, red, silver grey and black) with 1.8 inch TFT colour screen, FM radio and LED flash light, Exchangeable colour covers, mp3 ringtones and SMS messaging functions. This deal includes £15.00 automatic cash back (no need to claim), next working day delivery, unlimited internet usage and 100 minutes call time to any network with 100 free texts on an 18 month contract.

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Mobile phone touchscreen technology

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Mobile phone touchscreen technology is fast becoming the most sought after feature on mobile handsets, ever since the technology was revealed with the award winning iPhone from Apple, consumers have been clamouring to own mobile phones with a screen giving touch control. Of course today almost every phone manufacturer offers touchscreen technology in their phones, but there are many different types of touchscreens and some types of integration are better than others – so how do you decide which touchscreen is for you?

There are basically 3 different types of touchscreen – Resistive Touchscreen, Capacitive touchscreen and Infrared touchscreens.

Resistive touchscreens are probably the most widely used of all the touch screen technologies, particularly in mobile phones. Resistive touchscreens are cheap to manufacture and offer good resistance to water and dust, however they are easily scratched. One of the advantages of resistive touchscreens is that you can use any object to touch them (ie finger, stylus, pen etc) and they have a long lifespan of around 35 million clicks. Examples of mobiles using resistive touchscreens are the The Nokia X3 Touch and Type, Nokia X2, ZTE Racer and Alcatel OT-880.

Capacitive touchscreens come in 2 basic types- screens that can recognize multiple touches simultaneously and screens which cannot. These capacitive touchscreens are more expensive than the resistive types, but they are scratch resistant (in addition to being moisture and dust resistant). This type of touchscreen needs to be touched with an object emitting a constant electric flow – i.e. a human finger – this is how the contact point is determined. So unlike resistive screens which can be touched with any object, capacitive screens are limited to actual fingers! These types of screens do have a longer life than their cheaper resistive counterparts however (about 225 million clicks). Touchscreen phones using capacitive technology include the HTC HD2, LG KM900 Arena and Apple iPhone 4.

One particular and unique application of the capacitive touchscreen is the Active-matrix OLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode or AMOLED). This display technology (used in mobile devices such as the HTC Desire, Nokia C7, Nokia N8 and Google Nexus one) integrates capacitive sensor arrays in the AMOLED module. This technology known as Super AMOLED is used primarily in Samsung phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S.

Infrared touchscreens are the most expensive of the all the mobile touchscreen types and they are not affected by moisture, dust or scratches. This type is rarely used in modern mobile phone touchscreens. By far the most popular type of touchscreen with manufacturers today is the capacitive type mainly due to the increased responsiveness and higher quality display.

T-mobile Network and Phone reviews

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One 2 One was re-branded as T-Mobile back in 2002 at which point T-Mobile became the first UK mobile network to offer picture messaging and also started offering HotSpots around the Uk in conjunction with Starbucks. On 1st July 2010, T-Mobile UK became part of Everything Everywhere Limited – a company formed through the merger of the mobile phone network heavyweights T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. Everything Everywhere Limited is now the UK’s biggest communications company, with 28 million customers and more than 720 retail stores combined. Everything Everywhere Limited has major plans to transform the mobile communications industry by giving customers instant access to everything everywhere, offering the best value, best choice and best network experience in the country.

T-Mobile phone reviews

  • Alcatel OT-380
    The Alcatel OT-380 is a stylish candy bar style phone with TFT display, VGA Camera, Stereo FM radio, and numerous connectivity options including WAP 2.0 browser, GPRS and Bluetooth.
  • HTC Desire Z The HTC Desire Z offers a touchscreen smartphone experience with HTC Sense/Android and plenty of connected features. A powerful Android handset that rivals the Motorola Milestone 2 and may take the top spot.
  • BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 The first BlackBerry with a traditional style keypad. Great messaging and connectivity features in a more conventional handset.
  • Motorola FlipOut We’re highly impressed with the Motorola Flipout – it’s the sort of phone that is good enough on its own merit, but when you find out how competitive the price is, its amazing!
  • Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800 A good sized mobile phone with nice screen and good set of features in terms of communications and entertainment, the Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5800 also comes with an affordable price tag.
  • Nokia 6303 classic silver The Nokia 6303 Classic offers all the best features of the phones of yesteryear in a solid case. It’s a gtreat phone for those who want easy calling, texting and music features at a budget price.
  • Nokia E5 black A fabulous business mobile phone with cool looks, QWERTY keyboard, email support, fast web access, and all the usual smartphone features like GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • Nokia C6 black Nice build quality, clear and vibrant colour touchscreen, decent camera and great messaging messaging features.
  • Nokia C5 grey A classic looking mobile smartphone with great capabilities. This 3G handset delivers a straightforward experience with user friendly interface and fast internet browsing via 3G.
  • Nokia C7 a great looking phone with lots of mobile features in a compact package(117 mm x 57mm x 10.5mm). The Nokia C7 has a fabulous AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which displays up to 16 million colours.
  • Nokia X2 black red A comfortable and well-designed smart-phone at a competitive price. Unusually for a feature rich smartphone you can days of use from a single charge (Nokia quote 810-minute talk time!)

Full Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 mobile device

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 is an advanced tablet device which can be used as an alternative to a PC/laptop in addition to servicing all your communication needs. A tri-band mobile phone and a mini tablet PC all in one! Available in black or grey, the Galaxy Tab has modern, yet classy looks, concealing a powerful 1Ghz processor with VR SGX540 graphics running on the Android operating system.

This designer handset measures just 190mm x 120mm x 12 mm compatible size and it only weighs 380g (compare that to carting a laptop around!). Games and HD videos are superb on the 7-inch 600 x1024 pixels screen and the 512Mb RAM plus up to 32Gb storage means the Samsung Galaxy Tab never feels underpowered.

The best way to look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 is to consider it a mini tablet PC with mobile phone capabilities! The Galxy tab has integrated loudspeaker and microphone so you dont even have to hold the phone like a conventional mobile, in fact you may have seen this device in use already via some very strange viral marketing advertisements from Samsung!

The Galaxy Tab P1000 is powered by the latest version of Android Operating System called Froyo and connectivity options are definitely top notch. With HSDPA at up to 7.2 mbps, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3, high speed data transfer is just that!

As with all high end mobile devices, the Galaxy Tab P1000 has a digital camera (3.15 mega pixels )with LED flash and auto focus. Camera resolution is a huge 2048 x 1536 pixels and of course video recording is supported (at 30 fps). There is also an additional front facing camera for video calling.

In terms of entertainment features, the Galaxy Tab is fully loaded with media playing capabilities for all popular music and video file types. (MP3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3, FLAC, MP4, DivX, WMV, H.264, and H.263).

Advantages: great looks, cool functions, huge range of features, super fast operating system giving slick gaming and video playback, good camera, high speed data transfer with a range of connectivity options, probably the first true rival to the Apple iPad!

Disadvantages: cannot really replace a laptop or PC just yet, but its the best effort from any manufacturer we have seen!

The Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is an amazing device, in theory with all the capabilities of a smartphone and the performance of a PC or laptop. However don’t throw your laptop away just yet! The Galaxy cannot quite perform all the functions of a computer. However, it is certainly the most functional and user-friendly mobile attempt from a mobile manufacturer at the moment. Available on Orange and Vodafone

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Full Review of Nokia 6303i Classic mobile Phone

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

large6303classicsilverAnother mobile from Nokia targeted towards entry level users, the Nokia 6303i Classic is a conventional “candy bar” shaped handset which provides a surprising range of features. The stainless steel bevelled casing looks and feels good, additionally it’s a simple handset to use with one hand. Standard features include a 3.1 megapixel camera, web browser, music player, video player and messaging services, essentially the 6303 offers all the features and services mobile phone users need. The Nokia 6303i is essentially an upgraded version of the Nokia 6300 with additional memory, features, and greater customisation using the range of new coloured casings.

The 2.2 inch display is a TFT type with 240 x 320 pixels resolution and supports up to 16 million colours. Even with full alphanumeric keypad below, the overall dimensions are still just 108.8mm x 46.2mm x 11.7 mm, with a weight of just 96 grams. Connectivity options are limited to the 2G network with GPRS and EDGE, no 3G or WLAN but thats only to be expected given the price range of this model. USB and Bluetooth are both supported however, so overall the the Nokia 6303i Classic scores well in connectivity stakes for this level of pricing.

The Nokia 6303i classic is a low end device that does not offer memory intensive gaming facilities so the on-board memory of 55 MB and external memory of 2Gb with microSD card included is quite sufficient (if necessary even this can be upgraded to 8Gb if required). The camera is decent with 3.2 megapixels, LED flash, video recording at 8 frames per second and auto focus. The music player on the Nokia 6303i classic offers a good music listening experience and supports all popular file types such as MP3, WAV, eAAC+, and WMA.

Advantages:Great quality stainless steel handset seems built to last and feels good to hold, easy to use and get familiar with main features, good battery life, decent camera for the price, lots of features for a budget mobile phone.

Disadvantages: Some users feel the loudspeaker could use a bit more volume, no 3G , no touch screen display, some users felt keyboard was slightly too small while others had no problems – perhaps not the best handset for those with podgy fingers!

In the main, Nokia has got another winner on it’s hands in their budget mobile phone range. This handset, although targeted at the entry level users, has many of the features associated with much higher end products so will surprise and delight many budget conscious phone users! Currently the best offers on the Nokia 6303i Classic are to be found with o2 and Vodafone.

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Nokia E5 Mobile Phone Review

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largenokiae5blackThe Nokia E5 is a feature packed smart phone loaded with 3G and WiFi technologies. A direct competitor to Blackberry products such as the BlackBerry Curve , this 3G Smart-phone however persists in using the outdated Symbian operating system (despite the long running industry rumours of Nokia switching to the superior Android operating system). . The saving grace of the E5 is the inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard and the user friendly navigation controls which has become something of a Nokia trademark.

In terms of features, this mobile phone has everything you could possibly need. Built in music player, video recording and playback, five megapixel digital camera, fully functioning Web browser, Multimedia Messaging, Bluetooth and WiFi, Vlingo speech-to-text , pre-installed applications for social networking via Facebook and similar, Ovi Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation, Quad Band reception and much more!

The handset features a 2.4 inch TFT screen (up to 256,000 colours and resolution of 320 pixels x 240 pixels) above a full qwerty keyboard and classic Nokia 5 way navigation key. Available in 5 different casing colours ( white, carbon black, silver grey, copper and sky blue) which nicely highlight the chrome effect accents. Measuring 11.5cm x 5.89cm x 1.28cm, the E5 is reasonably compact, though certainly not the smallest phone on the market. It does however feel substantial to hold with a reassuring solid feel.

Lack of touchscreen means users require keyboard for functions such as zoom and navigation, making transitions slower and clunkier than Android powered mobile phones such as the HTC Desire or Motorola Milestone. However the customisation features available on the home screens means the E5 beats the iPhone set up by some margin!

Advantages: Fantastic Qwerty keyboard enables fast typing for texting/emails etc, sturdy design, excellent battery life, huge choice of connectivity options. 3.5mm audio jack allows easy upgrading of standard headphones, powerful speaker with good clarity

Screen not brilliant – difficult to read in direct sunlight and 320 pixels x 240 pixels is simply not enough nowadays, ancient Symbian operating system is feeling a bit outdated, Camera is just adequate – should really be better in this class. Headphones included in retail pack are poor.

The Nokia E5 is another handset from Nokia targeting Blackberry (much like the C3), apart from the rather low tech screen, it does a good job and the superb qwerty keyboard alone will certainly win a few customers from the more expensive Blackberry Curve and similar products. Available on T-mobile, o2, Orange and Vodafone

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Full Review Nokia 1800 with Latest Deals

Category : Mobile Phones, Nokia

large1800The Nokia 1800 is available in four colours (blue colour, red, silver grey and black) in a solid “candy bar” type casing measuring 10.7cm x 4.5cm x 1.53cm and weighs just 78.5 grams. With a 1.8 inch TFT colour screen and the typical Nokia navigation controls below along with call buttons and alphanumeric keypad.

The 1800 is a basic mobile phone, for those who do not require all the bells and whistles (which this type of customer would probably never use anyway). A refreshingly simple product, easy to use and set up, it does what it “says on the tin”, no more, no less. despite this elegant simplicity, the Nokia 1800 has many useful basic features and functions, such as phone book for storing contact names and numbers, calendar, clock, alarm, SMS messaging, FM radio and LED flash light (why don’t other phones have this simple yet extremely useful feature?). The 1800 also supports MP3 ringtones and comes with 32-polyphonic ringtones pre loaded. There is also the option to personalise the handset with a range of covers.

Usual functional and intuitive Nokia navigation, decent headset included in retail pack, useful LED torch which would work well in emergency situations, good reception even in rural areas, cheap

Disadvantages: No camera, no internet data connectivity, no email, lack of gimmicky features may put some people off! – no bragging rights, the sleek looks mean the casing design can be a bit slippery to hold!

If you just want a mobile phone for making/receiving calls and some text messaging, the Nokia 1800 has much to commend it. Extremely easy to use with no complicated menu functions nor tons of high tech features which you will never use! With the battery providing 528 hours standby time (helped no doubt by the distinct lack of power sapping features) this would also be a great handset for emergency use whilst driving/travelling for instance. The retail pack includes a Nokia Compact Charger, Stereo Headset and a useful User guide. Most users would have this phone set up and ready to use in seconds (after battery is fully charged). The Nokia 1800 has a high satisfaction rating from customers with very little negative feedback at all – all in all, a budget mobile phone with all the basic features wrapped up in a nice looking handset, with easy to read screen, simple to use navigation and good reliability. Perhaps the best basic handset on the market right now.

Available free with contract from T-mobile, Orange, and Vodafone. Or for less than £10 on pay-as-you-go!

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