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Mobile phone deals with Free iPad 16Gb

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Apple’s iPad has five times more pixels than the award winning iPhone, the new iPad’s 9.7 inch touchscreen with 1024×768 pixel resolution is simply awesome. Imagine getting this incredible tablet devivce for FREE! After this short review of the iPad below we will highlight the current pick of the best mobile phone deals that offer a brand new iPad 16Gb as a free gift with a mobile phone contract!

The screen on the latest iPad 16Gb offers “Multi-touch” control that actually works like a dream (unlike some mobile phones!), the colours are vibrant and sharp and the transition between pages and applications takes just a fraction of a second with the fast processor and Apple operating system on board.

The latest version of the iPad introduces a range of high definition 3D games and video downloads from iTunes are just one touch away. HD video playback is fantastic with good sound from built-in speakers. Apple’s custom gigahertz processor is impossible to trip up even the most demanding applications launch without hiccup and maps, photographs and multimedia web pages render in an instant.

The iPad is a highly desirable device. With its cool screen and attention to detail, the new iPad apps absolutely rock (especially the TV ones). Wi-Fi browsing is superfast even when compared to other high end tablet devices – the iPad blows them away!!! Incredibly, the iPad 16Gb is available for free on the following mobile deals – HTC 7 Mozart, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Nokia N8, Samsung Omnia 7, HTC Desire HD, Nokia X3 Touch and Type, Samsung Tocco Lite and the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini.

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Nokia N8 with 8 Months Free Line Rental on Orange

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Get the Nokia N8 latest smart phone Free of charge with 8 months free line rental on a 24 month contract with Orange from

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Nokia N8 Full Review and Latest Deals

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largen8blackThe Nokia N8 is the best touchscreen smartphone from Nokia to date, with sturdy looking aliminium case, fantastic 12 megapixel camera, and a new improved version of the symbian software powering the phones features. A huge improvement over the N97 but perhaps still not as much fun as some of the touchscreen competitors such as the Apple iPhone or the HTC desire.

The touchscreen on the Nokia N8 is fast and responsive with just one touch needed to open most applications. This capacitive touchscreen is streets ahead of the old resistive type screens used on previous generations of touchscreen phones like the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.  Unfortunately, there is no qwerty keyboard, just the fashioned 12 key alpha-numeric kind found on standard mobiles. This is a suprising omission, perhaps more to do with Symbian, than Nokia. Regardless it’s something we would expect Nokia to rectify in their next model.

There are some great social features designed to allow you to view Facebook and Twitter updates for example on a single screen. But, frustratingly, there is no widget which allows simple uploading of videos to youtube for example. However any widgets not found as standard on the N8 are likely to be found in the excellent Nokia Ovi Store.

The N8 is a chunkier phone than some rivals, with dimensions of 113.5mm x 59mm x 12.9 mm. Simple enough to fit in most pockets but not ultra slim like the Samsung Galaxy S or the iPhone 4. The N8 ships with an adaptor for HDMI to mini HDMI, decent set of earphones (with impressive audio quality) including inline audio controls, a Nokia pin charger and a USB lead with adaptor. Unlike other mobiles there is no battery in the retail pack as the Nokia N8 does not have a removable battery.

Advantages – superb 12 megapixel camera with xenon flash, quality machined aliminium case with anodised scratch-proof paint, 16Gb built in memory with room for 32Gb more using memory card slot, much improved touchscreen

Disadvantages – no qwerty keyboard in landscape mode, less apps available in Nokia store when compared to Apple and Android app stores, Symbian 3 interface a bit clunky when compared to other high end touchscreen smartphones

In summary the Nokia N8 is easily the best touchscreen smartphone from Nokia with great looks and much more user friendly interface. Not as funky or cool as an iPhone perhaps, but if you are used to Nokia phones you certainly will not be disappointed. The camera in particular is awesome with a feature set and image quality to rival many digital standalone cameras. The only real downside to the N8 is the lack of some applications as standard, particularly Youtube/Ebay functionality. However the Nokia Ovi Store is easy to use and is rapidly catching up to the Apple and Android offerings. Available now on T-mobile and Orange.

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