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ZTE Racer Mobile Phone Review

Category : Mobile Phones, ZDE

The budget smartphone market is full of great phones with tons of high tech features for very little money like the LG Optimus GT540 and HTC Wildfire, but now the new kid on the block – ZTE Racer – comes along and undercuts all the opposition! But what do you actually get for your money, is the ZTE Racer actually any good?

Well, there is certainly some evidence of cost cutting, particularly in terms of the screen and the overall design/look of the phone. First of all the general impression when you first pick up the phone is the lightweight, almost flimsy feel to it. Secondly the screen utilises older technology in the shape of resistive, rather than capacitive, touchscreen.

The lightweight, plastic chassis we can forgive as this makes the phone very easy to cary in a pocket, but using a resistive screen means no multi-touch capabilities and less responsive user experience in general. Making web browsing in particular (you have to use the browser’s zooming controls or double-tap to zoom in or out), and navigation in general less user friendly. In saying that, for a resisitive screen, the ZTE Racer display actually performs pretty well. At least with Android 2.1 the interface is slick (unlike some budget smartphones still using Android 1.6).

The call quality on the ZTE Racer is pretty impressive too, this can be a problem on budget handsets which many people wont realise simply by browsing a phones specification. The range of connectivity options is fantastic giving all the same options as much more expensive handsets. With Wi-Fi, HSDPA over 3G, Bluetooth and GPS support. A good range of multimedia capabilities too with decent sound output (even with supplied headphones), FM radio and a standard 3.5mm jack. A 3.2 megapixel camera is included with good performance but unfortunately no flash.

Advantages: A small and light smartphone, latest Android 2.1 operating system, wide range of connectivity options, low price tag undercuts all the opposition

Disadvantages: uses outdated resistive screen technology, plasticky design feels flimsy although build quality looks fine, extremely small power and screen-lock key is awkward to get at.

It’s not perfect, but the ZTE Racer offers features like GPS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi all wrapped up with the latest Android OS at an unbeatable price. It’s obviously not as good as top of the range handsets like the HTC Desire, but, at a fraction of the price, it’s a good choice.

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